North Macedonia: “If the Prespa agreement is cancelled, the country will leave NATO,” Penderovski says.

The President of North Macedonia referred to the Prespa Agreement.

The country's president and second-term candidate, Stevo Penderowski, during a pre-election rally in the city of Kevgelija, asked how he would comment on VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate Kortana Dzangulovska's announcements about canceling the Prespa agreement. If the Prespa agreement is cancelled, we will withdraw from NATO, we will be excluded from the system.”

“Dangerous Adventure”

Stevo Pendarovski noted that if only the country believes in the candidacy of Kortana Silianovska that it can guarantee the security of its citizens and its borders in a different and better way, it should say so. “However, I believe this is a risky adventure,” added Stevo Penderowski.

In addition, Stevo Penderowski characterized the cancellation of the Prespa Treaty as “a great political folly and at the same time a tragedy” because, as he put it, “we will all be left alone. It is no coincidence that all political leaders have been planning and pushing for NATO membership for 30 years, with the goal of gaining permanent security.” was

In view of the presidential and parliamentary elections in North Macedonia, it is noteworthy that in the election campaign of the opposition parties, some references are made to the Prespa Agreement and its implementation.

Reports by Kortana Silianowska

Gortana Silianovska, candidate of the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE in the presidential election, considered the issue of the Presba agreement “open”, while, as she said, would not use the country's new name, North Macedonia.

During the last May 2019 presidential election, VMRO-DPMNE candidate Gortana Silianowska expressed the same opinion. In those elections, Silianowska was defeated by the country's current president and the candidate of the ruling Social Democratic Party, Stevo Penderowski.

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7 candidates are contesting in the presidential election to be held on April 24. To be elected president of the Republic of North Macedonia in the first round, he needs to get more than 50%, which is almost impossible, so there will be a second round between the top two of the first round on May 8. . The second round of presidential elections will be held along with the country's parliamentary elections.

VMRO-DPMNE's candidate Kortana Silianovska is considered almost certain to advance to the second round of the presidential election, with the most likely opponent being Stevo Penderowski.

USA: North Macedonia to adhere to the spirit of the Prespa Agreement

Meanwhile, a representative of the State Department told the local edition of “Voice of America” ​​(Voice of America) that the United States expects North Macedonia to adhere to the spirit of the Prespa agreement and public debate. Be based on facts.

“Just as the United States remains committed to the Prespa agreement, we expect North Macedonia to uphold that sentiment, and that the public debate will be fact-based and rooted in a commitment to North Macedonia's future in the EU,” a State Department spokesman said. When asked if the US was concerned about undermining the PRSP Agreement.


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