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AEK Betsson showed improvement compared to the recent championship match, but did not find solutions and bodies against Mitoglou and Lessor, resulting in a hard-fought victory over Panathinaikos AKTOR 79-72 and qualifying for the semi-finals of the Greek Cup.

The Panathinaikos A.K.T.R He earned his first ticket to the semi-finals of the Greek Cup as he won with AEK Petson's 79-72 In the first quarter of the Final 8.

His team Ataman of Ergin Didn't do well for most of the race but had an advantage at the front which he took advantage of Dino Mitoglou and Matthias Lesser Dominate the floor.

“Yellow and Black” are especially combative, they never give up, but naturally “bow down” to those who are superior in rank. Panathinaikos A.K.T.RPAOK will wait for the winner – Aris to find out their opponent in the semi-finals.

The Dino Midoglou The tournament MVP had a dominant performance (22 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals), while Mathias is the tenant Had a double-double with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Kombikos et al Jerian Grant (13 points, 6 assists/0 turnovers). to AEK Petson His return is important Mintakas Kuzminskas 18 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal, 1 block, Jordan McRae (14p.) and Sasson Randle (10p., 4as.) to follow him.

Development of race

After a tense 2 minutes at the start, with missed attempts by both teams, Kendrick Nan's first missed shot since coming to Greece, Panathinaikos sent the ball to Lesser and Mitoklou near the basket (8-4), but AEK returned to action with Kuzminskas and assists with both offensive rebounds and scoring. It tied the two teams (10-10) with 5 minutes to play. The entry of Vildosa in place of Nan and the performance of Midoglou brought Glover to +6 (18-12), but Randle took the stick from Kuzminskas and kept AEK close to the score at the end of the first period (20 – 15).

A delay at the start of the second period caused by a problem with the electronic scoreboard “froze” both teams, and AEK found its way to the basket first after 2.5 minutes. Panathinaikos needed more than 3 minutes to find the score, and did so when Sluka returned, but Union led 8-2 with a half (22-23) after an early 1-2. Ataman brought his key rotation and made it 39-30 at the end of the 18' half at 32-30, Midogulo added 5 points to reach 17 in the first half.

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At the start of the third period, Panathinaikos took a double-digit lead with Grant for the first time and practically never lost it this quarter. Despite the -surprised- Mitoglou and Grigonis solutions for Tenant's finishing attempts and quick 4 fouls, Trefoil reached +16 (59-43) and somewhere everyone believed the match was over. Ataman put on a second unit to rest the starters, but AEK didn't give up. First, it was down 59-48 at the end of the third period, and with a 12-0 run early in the fourth quarter, I repeated the quarterfinal derby (59-55).

Ataman reset the basics, Mitoglou's three-pointer and Grant's basket made it 5-0, but AEK didn't give up. With the loanee re-entering the equation and Jourou's side lacking the bodies to deal with, Panathinaikos maintained the edge of defence, and while AEK never lost touch with the score, they failed to threaten them enough to deny them victory and qualify for Saturday's semi-finals. (15/2, 18:00).

Decades: 20-15, 39-30, 59-48, 79-72

Panathenaikos Actor (Adaman): Kalaitsakis, Vildosa, Slokas 2, Papapetrou, Grant 13 (1/3 three-pointers, 6 assists), I 12 (1/3 three-pointers, 5 rebounds, 3 assists), Lesser 16 (10 rebounds, 2 blocks), Antetokounmpo, Grikonis 11 (1/4 threes, 6 rebounds, 3 assists), Hernangomet 3 (5 rebounds), Mitoglou 22 (2/5 threes, 9 rebounds, 4 steals)

AEK Petson (Juros): Randle 10 (2/4 three-pointers, 3 rebounds, 4 assists), Karabelas (4 assists), Hollins 8 (2), Netsiboglou 5 (1), Akravanis 6 (4 rebounds), Kuzminskas 18 (1 /3 3-pointers, 8 rebounds, 4 assists), Knight 4, Kousloglou 5 (4 rebounds), Morgan 2, McCray 14 (1/6 3-pointers)

See detailed match statistics here

Note the development of the competition below

Match result: Panathinaikos – AEK 79-72

AEK had a chance to make the match a thriller until the end, but Randle-Akravanis' miscommunication and Grant's well-aimed shots later unexpectedly decided the match.

  • 76-70 Finally with the grand 20.7'' shots.
  • 74-70 Hollins scored in the 39th minute with three points.

AEK are still in contention, but lack the big shots to pressure Panathinaikos.

  • 72-67 McRae counted 1/2 shots in the 38th minute.
  • 72-66 With Kuzmisnkas in the 38th minute
  • 72-62 Nan's shots in the 37th minute
  • 68-59 With Lesser in the 34th minute.

AEK dropped to 4 points with Hollins, but Panathinaikos' separate 5-0 lead with Mitogulo and Grant rebounded. Greens hit the gas again.

  • 64-55 Grant scored in the 33rd minute.
  • 59-55 Hollins with three points in the 32nd minute.

Kostas Slokas lacks competitive rhythm, which affects Panathinaikos' performance as a whole. The Panathinaikos captain has been clearly injured so far.

  • 59-50 McRae with a basket in the 31st minute.

McRae's three-pointer finished at the end of the quarter and Panathinaikos were better and controlled the pace without problems.

End of third period. Panathinaikos – AEK 59-48

  • 59-43 Lesser nailed it in the 28th minute.
  • 55-41 In the 27th minute he brought down Nedzipkolo. Hernangometh replied.

Panathinaikos controls the situation in the matchup with Kendrick providing solutions and the tenant entering the equation.

  • 51-37 Me and Lesser scored in the 24th minute.
  • 46-35 Kuzminskas was sent off in the 23rd minute.
  • 41-32 A header from Kuzminskas scored in the 21st minute

Panathinaikos turned up the intensity at the end of the half and Midoglou were on fire (17p) as they finished the half with a 9 point lead.

End of half time. Panathinaikos – AEK 39-30

  • 36-30 Midoglou's shots in the 19th minute.
  • 32-30 Score with tries from Lesser and McRae
  • 30-28 Akravanis scored in the 17th minute.

AEK entered the court with a desire to play aggressively in every possession, especially in defence. This has had an effect as Panathinaikos have not found a rhythm in attack. On top of that, Kostas Slokas' lack of footwork on the floor was also shown in his minutes on the pitch.

  • 28-26 With me and Lesser in the 16th minute.
  • 22-23 Akravanis gave AEK the lead in the 14th minute
  • 20-18 With three points from Netsipoklo in the 11th minute.

AEK are competitive and it shows in the first quarter. He is in the spirit of fighting and finds solutions through Randle. Every time the tall player throws the ball to Panathinaikos there is a clear target for the double team. Clover, on the other hand, does not reach high standards, but has a way of finding solutions with Mitoglou as a reference point (10p.).

End of first period. Panathinaikos – AEK 20-15

  • 18-15 Krikonis scored in the 8th minute with shots. Randle responded with three points
  • 16-12 Midokulo scored in the 7th minute.
  • 12-12 Randle scored in the 6th minute.

The news of the day was that Kendrick Nunn missed a shot with a Panathinaikos jersey. Otherwise, both teams are still searching, Panathinaikos finding solutions near the basket.

  • 8-7 Randall's three-pointer in the 4th minute
  • 4-2 With Grant and Knight in the 3rd minute.
  • 1-0 Kendrick Nunn on 2/2 shots in the 2nd minute. The American misses the line first time
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The competition has begun!

AEK starts from five: Randle, Knight, McRae, Kuzminskas, Akravanis

Panathinaikos starting at five: Grant, Nunn, Grigonis, Midoglou, Lesser.

Team warm-ups are over and we're counting down to Jamal

Both teams on the field. The crowd applauded the Panathinaikos players more warmly. Greens have won the stage war.

AEK's 12th team: Randle, Karabelas, Philavios, Hollins, Netsiboglou, Akravanis, Knight, Kouseloglou, Kuzminskas, Morgan, Modeliotakis, McRae.

12 of Panathinaikos: Kalaitsakis, Vildosa, Slokas, Papapetrou, Grant, Nunn, Lesser, Antetokounmpo, Grikonis, Hernangometh, Mitoglou, Mantzoukas.

Back in action for Mintakas Kuzminskas, who strengthens the Union for the first time since December 24 and the away game against Peristeri.

Kostas Slokas returns for “Clover” and shouts to the lead at 12

Panathinaikos vs AEK in the first matchday of the Greek Cup 8th Final Quarter Final match in Heraklion, Crete. Jambol at 18:00.

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