POS: For 35 branches from Monday

Starting Monday, April 1, many businesses that are intertwined with our daily lives will need to connect POS to cash registers and accept “plastic money” along with credit or debit cards. so, Apart from street and open air marketsNow POS is mandatory in shoe repair shops, theaters, theaters, insurance agents and brokers offices, leasing service shops and advertising agencies.

Basically, in 35 new sectors, in addition to the existing ones, i.e., in almost the entire market, consumers will be able to choose a “channel” of digital payments with “automatic” registration of money transfer. Tax administration, now he will have a real-time view of each professional's receipts and the VAT payable by him.

“We are entering the final phase of completing the long-awaited project that will rewrite the rules of healthy entrepreneurship and ensure the smooth functioning of the market,” said Giorgos Pitsilis, Governor of AADE. Sent informational emails to 136,673 professionals and businesses Not yet advanced to cash register interface with POS.

By email, interested parties are invited to contact the company that purchased their cash register by April 1, 2024.

• Make an appointment by April to upgrade their cash register and connect it to their existing POS,

• Say cash register is interlinked with business/accounting management program (ERP). In this case, the interconnection liability is shifted to 31.5.2024 or 30.6.2024 (with notification of appointment by 31.5.2024).

If the business from which they purchased the cash register is not available for an appointment by April, interested parties may:

• Contact another available technical support company,

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• Indicate their desire to replace their cash register with a certified all-in-one solution at the POS register by 29 March 2024, which they must purchase and implement by 30 April 2024.

Importantly, the scheme exempts companies and professionals who do not have time to finalize connections due to non-availability of technical support from companies, but who have proven to have an appointment by April and still have a one-month deadline. from obstacles.


With a fair awareness of the existing difficulties, it is expected that a wave of inspections by the joint committees of AADE and the Ministry of Development will identify cases of pretensions that have not been observed so far.

Penalty, severe. Specifically, those who do not comply with the “recommendations” face a fine of 1,500 euros, while professionals who do not register a professional account on the AADE website face a fine of 1,000 euros. An additional fine of 100 euros will be imposed on those who do not delay in declaring it.

With the new Penal Code, the penalties for the offenders will be more severe and will reach 300,000 euros.


– Responsible businesses that do not connect their POS terminals to cash registers by the deadline will be fined 10,000 euros, as long as they maintain a simple accounting system and 20,000 Euros for mandatory double entry. Fines are halved for businesses located in residential areas with populations up to 500 inhabitants and on islands with a population of 3,100, (except tourism). The penalty is doubled for repeated violations within five years and tripled for each subsequent violation.

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– Penalties are increased for POS terminal providers that do not comply with functionality and interface requirements Up to 200,000 euros In case of recurrence within five years, 300,000 euros. Those who do not upgrade terminals of which they are administrators will have the declaration of conformity of the terminals on the market revoked and a fine of 100,000 euros. Not all terminals are upgraded, but only some, with a fine of 500 euros for each terminal not upgraded.

– Importers and manufacturers of cash registers are subject to a fine of 10,000 euros and cancellation of the license for a cash register model that does not meet the required specifications.

– For providers of business/accounting management programs (Enterprise Resource Planning, “ERP”), who do not ensure compatibility with cash registers and POS terminals, a fine of 10,000 euros will be deemed to have been issued by unauthorized persons. A cash register or unlicensed electronic billing provider.

– Providers of technical support services of cash registers or management programs who do not declare their customers, for less than 15% of customers or if the number is less, will be fined 1,000 euros for each customer not notified. 10 customers.

Fee reduction

However, the main demand of market operators is about reduction of commission on transactions. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Finance, Omiros Sabalos, said, “We are negotiating with banks and POS companies to conclude that the fee will be reduced even for small transactions of up to 10 euros. Compared to what we have today ».

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IRIS system

And freelancers are required to have a business account and make direct payments through the IRIS system, where consumers can pay with one click even from mobile, without fees, and all professionals are paid instantly.

Otherwise, a fine of up to 1,500 euros will be imposed on a case-by-case basis. This is the IRIS system, through which transactions of up to 500 euros are made without fees for professionals, and payments are made immediately without using a phone number.

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