Six people were found guilty of the tragedy in Mati

In a room full of relatives of the victims and burn victims, the “curtain” of the trial of the fatal fire in the attic fell, and in an intense situation, a three-judge jury convicted 6 of the total 21 defendants.

Six were convicted

The court followed the proposal of the prosecutor and found guilty Sothiris Tersoudis – then head of the fire department (negligent manslaughter and negligent bodily injury for diverting the helicopter), Vassilis Mathaopoulos – then vice president (negligent manslaughter death of 9 people. People at sea), Ioannis Fosteri – then of ESKE Leader (manslaughter by negligence). Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos – then commander of the fire services of Athens (102 negligent homicide, 32 negligent bodily injury), Saralambo Sioni – commander of the fire services of Eastern Attica (102 negligent homicide, 32 negligent bodily harm) and Konstantinos Angelopoulos, from whose yard the fire started. .

Fifteen were released

Firefighters Christos Golfinos, Filippos Pandeleakos, Damianos Papadopoulos, Christos Drosopoulos, Georgios Portozoudis and Stefanos Kolokouris, then officer of ELAS aerial media, Saralambos Syrogiannis, Secretary General of Civil Protection Io, then Civil Protection Io, did not find Gooral. Attica Rena Dourou and then Marathon mayors Ilias Psinakis and Pentelis Dimitrios-Stergios Kapsalis.

Vaios Thanasias, then Deputy Mayor of Marathon Municipality, Evangelos Bornos, Mayor of Rafina-Pikermio, Antonis Balbatsi, then Deputy Mayor of Rafina-Pikermio, were not guilty, despite the proposal of the prosecutor.

Cousins ​​Blast – “No Fair”

“They should have gone to jail themselves. Are all innocent? No justice!'' screamed the mother of one of the victims, who first approached Rena Touro immediately after her unanimous acquittal, then went to the front of the dock and began looking at the defendants who were still in the dock one by one.

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“Damn, you don't have a chip! Not even an apology. Shame,” shouted another victim's relative, as many broke down in tears.

As the audience cheered for each interruption, many shouted against the decision.

“Your court is an insult to the dead, the living, and the truth.” Meanwhile, one of the residents of the area expressed his reaction after hearing the defendants' lawyers asking the court for mitigation.

“All honest family men… I can't take it anymore… I have waited for six years… Today I am going to have a stroke. Do you understand what you are judging?'' said a woman.

“Congratulations. You don't have a chip… you degenerate! May your children burn like they were burned. Shame… mercy… in your hole… you are not human,” the relatives cried, unable to believe the outcome of the justice they were waiting to deliver…

“All of Greece knows what happened, we were counting on you…” a relative shouted in court, shortly before the judges adjourned for authorization to remove the circumstances.

“We have no life, nothing…” said the same woman who lost her daughter and grandchild in Mati Kodumbavi.

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