Suffocating heat and African dust “cocktail” across Greece: 30 to come – pictures from the beaches

In rhythms reminiscent of summer, the weather has been moving towards “reaching” temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius for the past few days.

In fact, there aren't many people who choose to go to the beach to sunbathe or try their first dive.

30 people are coming

According to a post by meteorologist Yiannis Kalianos, the combination of heat and dust is expected to last until Tuesday, while it cannot be ruled out that temperatures will reach 31 degrees in the following days.

At the same time, Clearchos Marousakis released a satellite image of a new wave of African dust that will visit Greece in the coming days.

The Greeks threw it on the beaches

Very hot and African dust are the weather features today. While experts are sounding the alarm, the mercury hasn't risen enough for people to flock to beaches for a breath of fresh air.

Experts report that groups particularly vulnerable to climate change-induced heat and drought should be treated with care. Combined with African powder, an explosive cocktail is created for the body.

Extreme and unusual temperatures will prevail in the next few days, which will be 15 degrees Celsius above normal. MEGA meteorologist Cristina Rico said that an extreme heat wave is expected today, which will be combined with the transport of African dust, a warm “invasion” that will last until Tuesday.

Every temperature record has been broken across the country

They washed up on the beaches of Athens and Heraklion, Crete

Despite the “cocktail” of African dust and humidity, bathers chose to enjoy their baths in Athens and Crete. The beaches were packed with crowds of all ages enjoying the sun and sea.

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Warmer than normal temperatures for this time of year gave us another reason to enjoy the African dust with a bare-bracket sea.

Athenians poured onto the beaches

The beaches were chosen by the Heraklionites

“We expect new dust waves until May” – what the experts say

“New episodes of African dust gathering are expected until the end of May”, says Prof. Andreas Kazansidis, Head of the Department of Physics and Director of the Atmospheric Physics Laboratory of the University of Patras, speaking to APE-MPE.

As he explains, “In spring, that is from March to May, the atmospheric circulation favors the invasion of desert gases in the eastern Mediterranean”.

Regarding the recent invasion of African dust, Andreas Kazantgidis told APE – ME, “There was a three-day period when African dust concentration values ​​were significantly higher, while the worst day was last Wednesday. It is noteworthy that the average daily PM10 particle concentration value in the region is 65 μg/m³.

Concentration of African dust “breaks” every record

Dust concentration “breaks” WHO record

“This value”, “this value”, “is very significant if we take into account that the World Health Organization limit of 50µg/m³ should not be exceeded more than 35 times per year”.

“Basically”, he continued, “this is one of the important episodes of the concentration of African dust, however, it is not serious”, because, as he repeats, “there is an invasion of African dust in the spring”.

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