Terim leaves, Alafusos brings… medilibar

Glover wants a Spanish coach, ready and planning-B. The Turk appears unlikely to continue with the Greens and Mr SKAI is considering plans for his successor. Where does he look for the first names to be seriously considered…

Batih Terim’s future away from Panathinaikos is far from over, even if there is no truth in the Greens’ report, he arrived at Christmas, will leave at Easter and will leave immediately after the Greek Cup final. .

There is no question of the Turkish coach resigning because, since he joined the team, Panathinaikos has rewritten his value as a coach, his personality in the dressing room, his experience at the highest level. Championship took the rest in his eyes: he does not take responsibility for negativity, after all, he cares more about his image. So there’s no way he’ll be back before the end of the season in Turkey, who call him emperor by resignation.

Be that as it may, Terim won’t be on the green bench after the cup final, even if he wins the cup, regardless of whether he himself has spoken about Panathinaikos in his interactions with managers and players until recently. Summer product. He will be replaced by another coach, which is already understood by the various management offices that present solutions to PAE, mainly from Iberiki.

Portugal and Spain are the countries that have received their honor recently, and here is something interesting to add: the new coach should be chosen by the team’s technical director, Yiannis Papadimitriou, and not by someone else. Which solutions should PAE Panathinaikos choose?

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Given the profile of the new coach the Greens want, he is much younger than Teri but has been tested at a high level and with proposals coming in from Spain and Portugal, we will try. Sort the solutions in these two countries. That means coaches of the status quo and why not, would be interested in a challenge in Greece.


Paulo Sosa: Not only did you read in Sportac about Alafusos’ relationship with the Portuguese before taking the term, the reason why his recruitment did not go ahead (he asked Aura to leave because of problems since his tenure with Flamengo!), but a few days later, Alafusos confirmed it in his interview with Athens Voice. Why not play again at a later date?

Fernando Santos: He recently left Besiktas, is familiar with Greek football and has been tested at the highest level, but is almost the same age as Terim. And it doesn’t give the Greens the perspective they want.

Still free and knowledgeable about Panathinaikos Jose PesiroBut more Jose Mourinho – Of course there was no way he was coming to Greece. Obviously the manager has plenty of options in Portugal, but here we are dealing with free agents. For example, if Benfica lose the league, he is likely to be available Roger Schmidt From assessment cases.


Rafael Benitez: Taking his age past 64 now, acting at the highest level, the fox of the benches. Get Ice Fox.

Javier Gayeja: Gordon wanted him at Olympiakos last summer, but Diego MartĂ­nez finally arrived. Years on the Spanish benches, good solution, still signing.

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Kaiska Garidano: Mendiliber case, but younger (he was 48 years old). A good presence at Athletic Bibibao and Eibar, he left as the team finished last in Almeria this year, but he has built a much better and stronger team – his former team in general deserve better luck.

Pepe Portales: He has another year under contract with Getafe, but his name has been in the Greek media since last summer. For Olympiakos, last year. You mean we will see him in this year’s panathinayakas report?

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