Terrorism on Australia-New Zealand flight: Dozens injured in turbulence

At least 50 people were injured Boeing 787 her LATAM Airlines He did Sudden upheavals During the flight from Sydney to do Oakland.

Chile Airlines LATAM AirlinesIn a statement he released, he attributed them Injuries in “Technologist event There was heavy traffic during the flight.”

It is not known what caused the incident

Just finished landing OaklandFirst aid was administered to approximately 1,000 passengers 50 passengers He was taken to hospital, the spokesperson said ECAVOne of them is in critical condition.

At the same time, the cause of this incident is not known.

Turbulent week for Boeing

The past week has been a tumultuous one, with the American aerospace company dealing with a lot problems Where are related with Security.

On March 4, fire A must in the engineα Boeing 737 To make an emergency landing Houston of Texas Shortly after departure. Two days later, you smoked in someone's room Boeing 737-800 They forced an emergency landing Portland of Oregon.

previous ThursdayA tire fell off Boeing 777-200 After departure Like it Francisco, destroying a car. The flight took off JapanBut went Los Angeles There he landed safely.

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