The strike is tomorrow, Tuesday 21 May – what about public transport

strike Announced tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21, 2024 h ADEDYDemand, among others, hike in workers’ wages.

In his call, ADEDY said, “According to the policy of the government, it has decided to continue the struggle with a new 24-hour all-employee strike mobilization on May 21 against the lack of time and economic poverty of the workers, and all public sector employees have been called upon to take a big part of it”.

As ADEDY stated in its relevant announcement, it states:

  • 10% horizontal increase in salary of public servants
  • Gift reset
  • Collective agreements
  • Wage freeze 2016-17 cancelled
  • Abolition of 2% unemployment tax
  • Tax-free allowance increases to 12,000 euros
  • Unhealthy work allowance increase
  • All critical public institutions (health, education, social services, insurance, etc.) should immediately hire permanent staff and all necessary infrastructure should be upgraded.

ADEDY calls a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 11 AM. In the Ministry of Finance.

What about public transport?

At present, no strike has been announced to the employees Public transport.

Based on the data so far, public transport will operate as usual.

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