They failed and recommended Dora Nicolis

In short, Dora Nicoli returns to Survivor Duel to stay in the game.

The second immunity match for the new week on Survivor is tense and nerves, even among the teammates and… Nefish’s new confession to Funis Poletsi.

The Turkish player may not be playing against the Greeks today (03.06.2024), but she sent Fanis a dedicated blue bandana with her teammates.

Of course, Giorgos Lianos didn’t let the opportunity go to waste and casually “feasted” the Blues player.

During the match and as the Turkish players had an important match the next day, the tension hit… red. On the blue bench, especially. Fanis Poletsis argued with his teammates after a loss because they didn’t tell him that the opponent was going to do better and that he had to do it faster.

Although the two teams fought back and forth for long periods, the Reds eventually managed to win 12-10, courtesy of Giorgos Giulekas against Fanis Poletsis.

The three blue men didn’t hesitate to suggest Dora Nicollis, though…waited for it.

“I’m not surprised, I expected the result anyway. That’s the process, I’m used to it now. I’ll go into the fight and hope to win.

Competitively I may be behind, and that makes sense. The kids are also tied to each other, although I don’t think the reason is emotional,” said Dora Nicoli after announcing her nomination for Survivor.

It is recalled that Christophoros Taksidis from the Reds is already a candidate.

Survivor: Sunday to Thursday at 21:00.

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