A 24 meter deep excavation in the listed building unearthed gold pounds from the occupation

They dug down to a depth of 24 meters and found gold pounds from the era of German occupation inside a preserved building in the historic district of Kriotissa in Veria. Because six people, most of them friends, settled for this purpose 40 days In the capital of Imadia, they stayed in a hotel and almost every day they entered the historic building with professional equipment such as a metal detector, an electric compressor, awnings, a gasoline generator, anti-suffocation masks.

The case came to light that day September 2018, following a coordinated police operation at the scene of illegal excavation. The police were surprised to find that modern gold hunters dug pits one meter long and 24 meters deep. Their excavation was fruitless, as they found neither the archaeological treasure nor the pounds they sought, the indictment said.

A 74-year-old Werea resident and one of the defendants “encouraged” others to search the site, claiming two boxes containing a total of £18,000 in gold were hidden under the listed building, a police investigation revealed. Under these circumstances, his five co-accused, …decided to go to Verea from various parts of the territory, chiefly from Attica, in pursuit of the hidden treasure. In the first instance, a three-judge Court of Criminal Appeal sentenced the 74-year-old to 10 years in prison (tried in absentia) and the other five to a total of 5 years in prison (with mitigating circumstances).


The case came up for hearing again today The five-member Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki, which reduced their sentence. The judges accepted that this was an illegal excavation, but not at a designated “archaeological site”, and were therefore cleared of any criminal charges. Instead, they were found guilty of using a metal detector and vandalizing a monument (a misdemeanor).

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As a result, he sentenced the old man to recover 4 years imprisonment And his 5 co-accused were sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with 3 years suspended.

“We dug all day”

In their apology, they said they were only looking for pounds, which they would share, while citing the financial difficulties they were facing. “We headed for a good day. We started at 6 in the morning and left at 8 at night.” Characteristically one said, another apologized for having no special knowledge of excavation. “The metal detector was going off, we're going further down” write down

Earlier, a police officer who participated in the investigations testified and said this “It was a big shock for us that we went down,” Archaeologist of the ancient Ephorate of Imathia emphasized this. “with soil pressure”, The listed building suffered damage to its stability.

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