Bollywood is coming to Greece

The BollywoodThe second largest film industry in the world, The government wants to attract filming in Greece. With the ultimate goal, to bring and More tourists than 40 million high-income Indians.

Agreements in this regard were initiated within the framework of the Prime Minister's visit. Kyriakou MitsotakisIn India. Leonidas Christopoulos, President and CEO of the National Center for Audiovisual Media, accompanied the Prime Minister.

Even the chairman of EKOME met Ten of Bollywood's Biggest Producers. According to reports, three to four Indian films are expected to start shooting in Greece in the next period.

The Project IMEC, relating to the creation of a sea and rail trade route from India to Europe via the Middle East and Greece, is still delayed. Meanwhile Direct flight connectivity between India and Greece and incentives for Bollywood productions to shoot in our country are estimated to increase tourist arrivals from India to Greece..

Actually, Mr. Mitsotakis mentioned the plan in an interview with “Times Now” TV channel and journalist Navika Kumar during his visit to India.

I see great opportunities in tourism: India is a popular destination for Greek tourists, but also think about the possibilities for Indians traveling to Greece. It's a six-hour flight. Greece is famous for weddings on islands like Santorini“, said Mr. Mitsotakis.

We are trying to promote your film industry To make more movies in Greece, to make Greece more known. It is in this particular context that the possibility of Indians discovering Greece is enormous“He continued and added:

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But I note that we are not only talking about Santorini. There are many places where Bollywood movies can be shot and many places to visit. There are many great places to get married for Indians who choose to organize their wedding in Greece.”

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Motivations and ultimate destination for tourism

Stated the government's strategy Targeting 40 million citizens out of a total of 1.5 billion Indians, belonging to the upper economic strata. There are no direct flights to Greece from New Delhi or Mumbai today. But according to reports, this will change very soon.

For not doing so Greece competing with Great BritainIt will be India's most “traditional” partner in the film industry, offering special tax packages to Bollywood producers who come to our country for shooting.

As Culture Deputy Minister Christos Dimas has said in the past, the government has decided to offer a tax refund of 40% of the basic production cost to foreign producers who shoot movies and series in Greece. One of the most attractive in all of Europe.

Already in the past Bollywood producers have shot in Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos and Rhodes.

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