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A few days ago, masked individuals tried to enter AUTH's atomic and nuclear physics laboratory, with painful consequences, primarily for themselves.

The “Da Nia” newspaper revealed a few days ago that hooded men with a chainsaw tried to attack the basement of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki's School of Physics and Mathematics, where the nuclear reactor is located.

As the saying goes, if this is the case, it probably is Risk of radioactivity and uranium release!

EL.AS. This is stated by the academic staff in , while there is strong concern about this fact in both the authorities and the academic community. According to the ratings, this proves that some of the hooded people are willing to go to extremes.

If the penetration is successful i.e. if the site door is highly vulnerable The first victims were the aggressors, They will face the consequences of the spill from the laboratory, as well as those who have come in contact with these materials. Also, radioactivity measuring devices and sensitive equipment, worth a total of 6 million Euros, will probably be destroyed!

According to the evidence, A few days ago they moved towards the basement of the School of Positive Sciences building, which was “broken” after the police operation, with the aim of reaching the School of Biology, which had been under occupation for many years. 2022. Unknown there, the low-power nuclear reactor of the Nuclear and Nuclear Physics Laboratory, given to AUTH in 1971 by the Hellenic Atomic Energy Commission. They destroyed the first of the two security systems.

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According to the training staff, “the reactor contains a quantity of uranium that, if apparently damaged, would expose the space invaders and those in direct contact with them to radiation. Of course, this could have happened even if they had stayed in that particular area for a long time”, “Ta Nea” underlines.

At the same time, the investigation of the 49 people arrested after the major police operation last Saturday continues, while all of them were released in court on March 29. Inside the university campus, poles, police stun grenades, a metal iron cutter and several padlocks, asphyxiation masks and sledgehammers were found.

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