Kallithea: Road accident in Theos – Driver killed after hitting pedestrian

The driver of the car died, while the passengers and pedestrians were injured and hospitalized

A terrible traffic accident occurred in El Thesos in KallitheaDownstream from Piraeus to Athens. A motorcycle driven by a 44-year-old woman collided with a 77-year-old pedestrian by a 43-year-old woman. As he crosses the road.

Due to the collapse, the driver lost control of the motorcycle and crashed Turned upside downThe elderly woman was seriously injured and her passenger suffered minor injuries.

The driver of the motorcycle was taken to the General Public Hospital in Nice where he was pronounced dead and the two injured women were taken to the Tzanio Hospital in Piraeus.

Both the driver and passenger were found to be wearing helmets Investigation and preliminary investigation to establish the circumstances of the accident is carried out by the concerned transport department.

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