According to Eurovision – what time does the 1st semi-final start?

The “heart” of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest beats in Malmö, Sweden and ERT broadcasts the 1st semi-final tonight at 22:00 (Greece time) online from the Malmö arena.

The two semi-finals (May 7 and 9) and the final (May 11) will be broadcast by ERT1 and the second program of ERT Radio.

In what position does Cyprus appear?

Thanasis Alevras and Jerome Kalauta will commentate on the two semi-finals and the final of Eurovision.

In the 1st semi-final Cyprus appears in 1st place.

The order of appearance of all countries in the 1st semi-final is as follows: Cyprus, Serbia, Lithuania, Ireland, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, Iceland, Germany, Slovenia, Finland, Moldova, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Australia, Portugal, Luxembourg.

Tonight they have the right to vote and will present songs from the ‘Big Five’, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as hosts Sweden, who qualify directly for the finals of the event.

Eleni Foreira as guest

A reminder that Eleni Foureira will perform a special act tonight. The singer is ready to excite her watching crowd in the Swedish city.

This is the third time Eleni Foureira has reached the Eurovision stage. In 2018, in 2019, apart from his participation in the contest in Israel, he took part in an act entitled “Eurovision Legends”, where he impressed everyone with his unique style “Dancing Lasha Tumbai”, represented by Verga Sertucha. Ukraine in 2007.

Greece, with Marina Satti and the song “ZARI”, will appear in the 3rd place of the 2nd semi-final, on May 9.

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In the final, on May 11, 2024, the songs of the “Big Five” (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy) qualified directly, as well as the participation of the organizer Sweden, which for the first time in the year, will present their entries directly during the two semi-finals.

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