Unbelievable: A 17-year-old migrant smuggler chased him into the center of Athens, where he piled 12 people into a car.

An unbelievable scene yesterday morning in the center of Athens shows the desperation of migrant smugglers. A 17-year-old driver carried 12 people in a car while moving in the center of the capital!

NOTICE OF EL.AS. For following and arresting a smuggler in the center of Athens

Immediate action yesterday morning (13-2-2024), the patrolling police officers of the DIAS group called the driver of a car that was going along Stratiko Kallari street in the center of Athens for a check, because they considered the presence of several people. It's suspicious inside.

The driver did not comply with the instructions of the police, he accelerated, made a maneuver towards Acharnan Street, the police followed the car ahead from a sufficient safety distance, continued to call the driver and stopped the vehicle using beacon and sound signals. .

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Then, when the vehicle was stopped and checked on Acharnon Street, it was discovered that the driver was carrying (12) foreigners, (8) women and (4) men. It is noteworthy that three of them were found in the baggage area.

Subsequently, they were taken to the headquarters of the Directorate of Aliens in Attica and charged in the preliminary investigation by the Department of Immigration Management.

Pursuing a smuggler who has settled in the heart of Athens

The driver (a 17-year-old foreigner) belonging to a migrant smuggling gang was charged with facilitating entry into Greek territory for profit, transporting foreigners into the country and trespassing. Also, the criminals associated with him have been identified and are being sought.

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As it emerged from the investigation, the 17-year-old boy took the migrants to Athens early in the morning of the same day (13-2-2024) near our country's border line with North Macedonia.

Immigrants entered our country in two subgroups. (4) The first sub-group consisting of men was initially located in Serbia and was then transported by road to North Macedonia until they boarded the aforementioned trafficker's car. For the transaction in question, they each paid an amount of -1,700- euros.

(8) A second sub-group of women similarly arrived in our country via Northern Macedonia, previously they were sent from Cyprus to Serbia, paying -3,500- euros each.

Furthermore, the circuit asked them to declare whether they wanted to be promoted further in France, and in the positive case an additional sum -3,500- euros was required.

The Department of Immigration Management, which handled the case, (12) initiated a registration-mapping process to enable the migrants to return to their country of origin.

The car was impounded for carrying illegal immigrants.

The kidnapper was taken to the Athens District Attorney, with charges filed against him.

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