ADEDY 24-hour strike: Which MMMs are pulling the handbrake – who is participating

Obstacles will become Travel to Athens the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, February 28 – that day ADEDY strike – Unions of workers in the transport sector announce mobilization one after the other. Seven trade unions Tunnel Electricity conductors and control center workers among them have decided to participate in the 24-hour strike announced by ADEDY next Wednesday.

24-hour strike on fixed path media

The strike will be attended by STASY, trams and urban fixed line vehicles, conductors and other transport employees, station masters associations, Attica tram conductors, Attica metro conductors and Athens Metro operations control center staff. NoticeThey decided to realize 24-hour strikeIn memory of those who lost their lives on Wednesday 28-2-2024
On the one year anniversary of the tragic Tempe accident and this unprecedented event,

Specifically, decisions about how to move Mass Transit (MMT)Get workers' union organizations on the day Urban and long distance transport.

Sta City buses and trolleysStrikes will take place from the start of the shift to 9:00 am and from 21:00 to end of shiftAccording to the decision of the OASA Labor Union.

The Traffic is expected to be normal from 10:00 am onwards. or later (Vehicles leave the depots at 8:30 a.m.), at the same time Last resort They are expected to depart from the starting points around 20:00 hrs.

Further, There will be a 24-hour strike in the railwaysIncluding A suburb of Athens and ThessalonikiAccording to the decision of the labor unions (Panhellenic Railway Federation, Panhellenic Union of Traction Personnel, OSE Employees Union, TRAINOSE Employees Union).

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The beginning of the railway began with the announcement of a strike by panhellenic traction workers (engine drivers), which continues with mobilizations on the one-year anniversary of 28 February. Tempe train tragedy, 57 people died and asked for a full explanation.

Rail – Rail

Nationwide 24-hour strike The board of directors of the Panhellenic Federation of Railways and Stationary Vehicles made the announcement Friday to honor the victims of the tragic accident in Tempe and to send a message. Safety of passengers and employees is paramount for railway employees in every direction,” they pointed out in their statement.

The railway workers demand that “all the while, against the railways and railway workers, with a professional conscience, every day try and give responsibilities to the organization that tries to keep the railways 'in balance.' No! Attribution of responsibilities and full clarification and justice of the tragic accident”.

As they point out, they ask:

Direct recruitment of personnel, citing a tragic shortage even in critical specialties, makes it impossible to run passenger and commercial traffic smoothly.

Completion of projects. Upgradation, development, modernization of the entire railway network.

Reconstruction of single and modern railway line.

POS will hold a memorial service on Wednesday February 28th at 10:30am at Agios Thomas Saint Church, Makrichori, Larissa.

Flights will not operate from Greek airports

There will be no flights to Greek airports on Wednesday, as well as air traffic controllers participating in a 24-hour strike in the ADEDY mobilization. Pending the strike, no flights will be operated other than essential flights (flight transfers, etc.) and additional flights.

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48 hours without a taxi

The Taxi owners As per the decision of SATA have announced. 48 hours strike on Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th February 2024.

Until finally Metro has already announced a 24-hour strike with three unions and announcements are awaited and from others.

Unions that have announced a 24-hour strike:

  • Employees Union – First Line
  • Attic Metro Electrical Conductors Association (SHAM)
  • Athens Metro Operations Control Center Employees Association (SEKELMA)

And doctors are on strike

EINAP (Association of Doctors of Hospitals of Athens – Phrae) is participating in a 24-hour nationwide strike on Wednesday 02/28/24 and All doctors are requested to participate actively.

ADEDY: 24-hour strike on February 28 – what is this demand?

With a central slogan “Our Lives Than Their Profits – Raise Wages, Live With Dignity”ADEDY announced a 24-hour strike along with private sector workers on February 28, 2024, the same day labor centers and private sector confederations took decisions to strike.

As stated in the relevant notice, ADEDY requests the following:

“- 10% horizontal increase in the salary of state employees, in order to cope with the initials with accuracy and inflation.

– Redeem gifts here and now.

– Collective agreements for wages.

– Removal of wage freeze for two years 2016-2017.

– Elimination of 2% unemployment.

– Raising the tax-free amount to 12,000 euros.

– Increase in allowance for unhealthy work.

– 'Employment of immediate staff along with permanent staff of all important public bodies and development of all necessary infrastructure'.

The meeting will take place at Klathmonos Square at 11:00 am.

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