Police found a dead child in the refrigerator of an NGO's office

The case turns into a thriller when the police find a dead infant in the refrigerator at the NGO's offices on Solonos Street.

According to reports, officials of the NGO “Doctors Without Borders” told the police that they would report the incident to the authorities tomorrow morning.

How was it discovered?

It started at noon when a plumber from a prevention team was working on the drainage of a building on Solonos Street.

During the mission, he saw the dead baby inside the drainage pipe and informed the NGO officials, and the doctors of the structure took the dead baby away.

The employee returned to his company's offices in the afternoon and told his employer what had happened and advised him to file a police report.

Complaint to EL.AS.

Around 18:30 in the afternoon, the employee of the detention center went to the police station of Exarchia and informed the police about his gruesome discovery, while according to police sources, he also had photographs to confirm his words.

An alarm was immediately raised and police forces rushed to the particular building which was closed. Finally, after an hour, the police entered the building and offices of Doctors Without Borders.

They kept it in the fridge

There the dead baby with the umbilical cord was found kept in a refrigerator.

The NGO officials told the police that they will take the dead child to the forensic services tomorrow and report the incident to the authorities.

How the baby was found inside the drain pipe, they say, is because one of the many pregnant women who visit the structure for check-ups may have secretly given birth in the toilet and left without saying a word.

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The case has been investigated by the Athens police and statements have been taken from MSF staff.

Red Cross

The “Red Cross” issued a statement regarding the case, because initially some media reported that it had its own services in the particular building, which was not the case.

The notification states:

“We know that the information spread in the media in the last few hours about the presence of a fetal body in the sewer of the Hellenic Red Cross (HRC) building on Solonos Street is completely untrue, as there is nothing for that particular building. We demand an appropriate correction from the media that continued to republish the publication in question to do with EES” .

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