Agioi Anargyri: “Eat sitting down” – new complaint about AT

A 28-year-old woman's account of what she suffered at the hands of her abusive partner and the treatment she received from the police in Akioi Anargiro Department, where Kiriaki was murdered, is chilling.

The marks on her body represent the nightmare she lived in his arms and his fingers are embedded in her neck from the one time he tried to strangle her.

The 28-year-old describes what happened to her ex-hand when she was 22 exclusively on Live News. He beat her mercilessly in front of everyone.

“She pulled me by the hair”

“One day he was waiting for me outside and was pulling my hair. I can't understand this. He dragged me by the hair in front of a car repair shop where there were a lot of men and not one came out.” he said.

The girl tried to escape. She asked for a divorce, but he refused. He was watching her, so the young woman went to the police station of Agios Anargiro, near her home.

“First I went and reported the incident, that I was having an abusive relationship. After I broke up with him, he came to my work, found me, and we had scenes, bad scenes and in front of a lot of people.
They told me: “We don't see you being attacked. You are getting threats to your life. Let's record it”. I'm gone”.

He felt that what he had done was right. But when he left the department, he wondered if it would work. “At first they didn't tell me anything, no they didn't believe me, they passed it off as an option, I fought back and went to report something in retaliation.”

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“Sit down and eat”

A few days later he saw her again. On the main street of Aki Anargro, he beats her furiously. He doesn't count on anyone or anything. Suddenly a patrol car drives by. What happened next, the young woman complained, was shocking.

“I was in the middle of the road for three hours and he beat me. A man and a woman pull up inside a police car and I ask them to take me home. He turned and the woman said to me: “Are you going to file a case?”, I said: “No”, she turned and answered me: “Sit down and eat.” The patrol car leaves me there and I continue to eat firewood in the middle of the road».

The patrol car leaves and bystanders call for immediate action. Police reached the spot and saw the girl being assaulted. According to her, they kept the information of the accused and released him.

“I asked them to take me home because there was a police car there and they said they couldn't take me home. I told them not to leave me there, my house was 500 meters away from there. Because he was from a different country, the policemen who were in my situation said, ' How did you get in touch with him?'

“I went to the department covered in blood”

The girl could not believe her ears. She was helpless as she was afraid to sue him. She did not know how her ex-partner would react after such a move. “After that, same thing again, he found me and beat me, I went to the department covered in blood. There they scared me and told me: “You have to file a case”.

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She was going through all this hell alone. Her parents did not know that the person who was with the daughter was abusing her in a planned manner. “I think mom always understands. He knew I hadn't broken my teeth. The marks on my neck are not soothing to what he knows.”

The attacks he received were numerous. The woman went back to the department to report it. “I went the first time and they told me: 'We didn't see you being attacked, we didn't see anything,' they questioned me. I went the second time, I was bloody and again they didn't do anything to me. At Agios Anarchyros because it was my department and for that particular person. At least three times I've been there, I've never been helped.”

Memories arose

Hearing about Sunday's gruesome killing outside the police station brought back memories.

“I felt so bad that this girl didn't come home. I was taking my friends and they were taking me … I had friends. I changed my address, I changed my phone numbers.”

Today he feels that he lives by luck. She moves away from her old home and tries to leave it all behind in an area unknown to her ex-partner.

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