Total Solar Eclipse: Stunning Unique Images

Millions of people around the world saw the unique images, the sun hiding behind the moon, creating a stunning sight! A total solar eclipse is a one-day event on Earth…

The total solar eclipse began in Mexico and crossed the United States to end in Canada. As you can see in pictures from REUTERS, thousands of people donned special goggles and turned their gaze skyward.

The moment of the eclipse in New York / REUTERS

A magical image from Delta Airlines' special flight due to the day / REUTERS

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is shadowed in front of a screen as he watches the total solar eclipse in Mazatlán, Mexico / REUTERS

The Mexican resort of Mazatlán on the Pacific coast was the first popular viewing site for the rare phenomenon. Thousands of people wearing special glasses gathered on the sidewalk. Many waited comfortably in loft chairs as an orchestra played music from the Star Wars movie. At the climax of the act, everyone clapped and cheered.

Telescopes, cameras and even camouflage suits… helium were used that day, and NASA broadcast rare images live.

2024 Total Solar Eclipse: Through NASA's Eyes (Official Broadcast)

Especially the sight of the sun setting behind the moon and the sky darkening was mesmerizing.

According to NASA, more than 30 million people in the United States will be lucky enough to be in areas where the total solar eclipse will be visible for a few minutes. “Eclipses have a special ability. “They touch people who feel a sense of awe at the beauty of our universe,” said NASA President Bill Nelson.

Waiting for the eclipse in New York / REUTERS

Today's total solar eclipse was visible in the US longer than 2017. Today's maximum time is 4 minutes 28 seconds, compared to 2 minutes 42 seconds seven years ago.

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Phases of total eclipse / REUTERS

Before the turn of residents of eastern Canada, the solar eclipse was visible in 15 US states from Texas to Maine. Small rural towns like Advance, Missouri, with a population of about 1,300, received thousands of visitors.

309 people dressed as the sun gathered at Niagara Falls to watch the eclipse and hold the Guinness World Record for the most people to pose together in this costume / REUTERS

Total Solar Eclipse by Statue of Liberty / REUTERS

The weather was not favorable everywhere, for example it was cloudy in Texas.

U.S. officials have warned that those who want to enjoy the event should wear special glasses before turning their gaze skyward to avoid eye damage.

Eclipse lovers have updated the time for the next total eclipse visible in Spain in 2026.

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