And finally Eleni Menegaki from Mega

Eleni Menegaki completed her collaboration with Mega this summer. Why didn't both parties agree to renew the contract?

His collaboration ends at the end of this season Elenis Menakakis with Mega According to reports, the two sides have not reached an agreement on renewing the provider's contract.

Eleni Menegaki has already started informing her partners that this year's TV season is over. On July 5, the end credits of “Eileen” will be released.

Its sources Reader They confirm the divorce, which is velvet by all accounts.

Menagaki – Reasons for Mega Divorce

Eleni Menegaki

Latest reports say that Eleni proposed to MenakakiOne year contract can be 1+1 with dual option under conditions There were three alternatives from both sides.

The first saw the anchor move to the morning zone, the second saw him stay in the afternoon slot with content changes in his show and the third took over the show in the station's evening zone.

However, the economic gap between the two parties is visible It was uncontrolled and as a result Eleni Menegaki rejected the proposals presented to her.

What comes next following the report is whether another TV show will present a proposal to the host.

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