100% rating, shy to speak out, everyone will be talking about her from tomorrow

This is one of them Series on Netflix Don't fill your eyes. Especially if you've watched other British productions on Netflix, remember that very few of you were excited when there were stories like this, in this style. The title and the faces of the protagonists may not push you into the playing process. Have you heard what they say about books and their covers? Well, that's a baby reindeer Uploaded to Netflix We have such a case.

It's an amazing series because it's so bad plot-wise that you love it, while at the same time it annoys you beyond imagination. Then, when you read that its protagonist, even the screenwriter, Richard Cott, experienced what was happening 75% authentically, you cringe. Why do you go through the process of asking yourself what you would do if such incidents actually happened there, and if they happened to you? More cynical and dehumanizing thoughts cross your mind, but you are too shy to say them out loud.

What the new Netflix series is about

In the message Cont Netflix, of course at No. 1 in trends, protagonists Tony and Martha. Tony works at a bar and Martha walks in one day, sitting with a sad face and not ordering anything. Tony explains that she needs to get something, tells him that she can't pay for it, and decides to treat her. And there begins his suffering. Because Martha is a typical predator, psychotic and obsessive, she does not hesitate to resort to violence.

She'll be in the bar every day for a while, sipping champagne, spinning a story about her life that doesn't fit in with a woman who can't afford £2.50 for a cup of tea. Despite being the very definition of geek, she charms Tony with her character and laugh. She gives him the attention he needs and he loves it.

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This happens for 6 months, during which Tony receives 80 emails from her every day, which even say “sent from my iPhone”, although Martha does not have such a mobile phone. She writes them herself. Also, Martha doesn't spell, she butchers every word she writes, and she constantly throws in obscene sexist phrases meant as jokes, but she certainly doesn't miss an opportunity.

During this time, Tony, who lives with his ex-mother, is flirting with a transsexual, while she is also being raped by a man, which she does not dare admit. .speak and seek liberation. He didn't even turn into a cockroach, bleeding from a wound in himself. This element is introduced into the story in episode 4 to justify why Tony didn't break up with Martha right away and why he didn't report her.

Crucially, however, she does not report a violent assault on a transsexual with whom she is in a relationship, but she ends up fantasizing about masturbating and having sex with Martha. In fact, it is at this point that he becomes sexually active and has sex with his transgender partner Teri.

The Worst Serial Netflix Hit You've Never Seen: It's 100% Rated, It's a Drag Thriller, and It's a True Story

The attack was the only evidence that the police could pressurize to arrest her, as everything else she said was insufficient to warrant arrest and detention.

Martha is no ordinary hunter. She keeps him on Facebook, finds his cell phone number herself, and texts him everywhere while scrutinizing his every post and every person in his life. At one point, for several days, outside the house where she lives with her ex-mother-in-law, from morning to night, she has to say good morning and good night. The harassment also reaches his parents.

An abridged version of the Netflix series

The plot of the series is this: Tony, who wants to make some money, wants to be a comedian, gets raped, is in search of his sexuality, and has a relationship with a transsexual who has come out. Society has the courage to roam around, so such a situation with a hunter can cause her a terrible problem, she herself is not sure about being with a trans person, and all this is approached by the unstoppable Martha.

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Baby Reindeer, as we've covered so far, is unimaginably the worst series we've seen on Netflix. Even though this is a drama based on the main character's real life, just watching 8 episodes will make you understand why we support something like this. No matter what thrillers you've seen, this Netflix series is a thriller that will give you the creeps with Martha's character.

The Worst Serial Netflix Hit You've Never Seen: It's 100% Rated, It's a Drag Thriller, and It's a True Story

A disturbing thing about the new Netflix series

A scene where the script seems to be looking for a catharsis for Martha, where you're wondering why Tony didn't end it, is to listen to the audio sent to him in the finale. Eyes of the beholder is an interpretation that brings her back to the eyes of the beholder as a person without multiple mental illnesses.

This is the only negative of the Netflix series, but since this is the real experience of the protagonist, it cannot be called aggressive. However, we cannot continue to sit back and make excuses and explanations to toxic people who invade every area of ​​our lives with such anger and indifference. Nothing can justify Martha and nothing can justify Tony's attitude.

It is a staple of the Netflix series. Richard Cott, the situation he experienced, Martha is not a villain. She reveals her own mental changes, such as a Martha's sense of need at that moment in her life.

Ethical issues raised by the Netflix series

There are several ethical issues that Cant raises with baby reindeer. At one point, she asks a police officer: “If I had been a woman and a man had followed me, would you have arrested him?” The policeman tells him yes because there is a risk of bodily harm in this case. Thus, the viewer begins to think that men who are not treated so well by security agencies are also affected.

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But more deeply, she captures through her own experience what a woman must, unwillingly, experience every time she goes to report violence against her by a former, current or unrelated person. Through Kant, a man understands very well how difficult it is for a woman to communicate her experience, even if he is not straight. Not just at the level of complaint, but it is about admitting what happened to her, recording rape, abuse, harassment etc. in herself.

In other words, “Why so long?” It also gives the answer. It took Tony 6 months to report Martha, by which time they had become behavioral monsters. However, for some reason, he doesn't have the heart to tell the whole truth, perhaps because he needs to reveal a part of himself that he is ashamed of or has yet to reconcile. This is the case in almost all cases of victims of such abuse.

Even with annoying aspects like justifying Martha's behavior, the Netflix series is a model, an example to follow in terms of how you structure a story. Either it's about the reverse timeline, where we first see Tony go into the complaint department, then we go back to see what brought him there, or it's about something else.

It's like a baby reindeer biting your stomach and soul when you watch it. And it has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It is located now At #8 on NetflixBut it will soon become the number one Netflix series.

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