Angela Dimitrio: Her mother is dead

Her mother Angela Dimitriou He passed away after facing health problems.

So far, the singer has not spoken about the unpleasant news, but the nightclub where Angela Dimitriou appears with Timos Anastasiades made the following announcement: “Barbarella Live Athens, entrepreneurs and all employees, respect the bereavement of Mrs. Angela Dimitriou and inform you that the entertainment center will be closed tonight.”

Daughter of Angela Dimitriou, Olga Gyortsaki He posted on social media about the death of his grandmother. In particular, he wrote on his personal Facebook account: “I didn't even know you left… I remember the last time the three of us met.”Check out the post:

She later posted a video in which her grandmother is seen next to her daughter. “12/26/2023 …this is how I will remember you!!!” He wrote.

In one of her last interviews, Angela Dimitrio admitted to “Studio 4” about her mother:

“I remember my life like a fairy tale. My childhood years in Peristeri were great and carefree. I started bio wrestling at the age of 12 because my mom and dad got divorced. I had to be the man of the house to help my mom and two other siblings. I was strong to help my mom. , became the man of the house.”

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