Athanassiou: “Hard time for Sarri at Panathinaikos – we know what he meant” – Football – Stoiximan Super League

hours Now, the final decision in Maurizio’s case saree And whether he comes or not PanathinayakasNikos Athanasiou noted in his “air”. bwinSPORT FM 94.6.

«These are very important times for Sari. At this point, there are no other options, and Panathinaikos is waiting for the Italian’s final decision, possibly even within the day. The deadline closes on Sunday night, so good to keep fighting. For me, after his statements yesterday, the situation has not become more difficult, because Sari told us things that we already know. Unless he finds an offer from his country, Panathinaikos will remain in the game. Of course, time is pressing and preparation begins next Monday“, his words.

At the same time the reporter of the station mentioned his case Diego Alonso “Plays” Hard For the “green” bench, data logging.

Athanasius also, in his opinion, Resumes don’t play a role In modern football, Terimi is a leading example for Panathinaikos.

Listen to the audio:

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