Bartzokas: “Obviously they want me to leave Olympiakos”!

Giorgos Bartzokas was asked about his tips after the derby with Panathinaikos after the win over Prometheus.

His coach Olympiaco, George Bartzokas “Eternal” commented on the statements made on his person after the derby.

After all, the Greek Cup winners They made an announcement On the occasion of taking over as its Executive Chairman K. A. E. Panathinaikos, Dimitris GianakopoulouWHO Mentions the “red-faced” coach with a related post.

The George Bartzokas she said politely to her camera ERT: “I can't argue with a team leader. That's not my job. I'm coach against coach, whatever he has. Ergin… I would like to take this opportunity to convey my condolences on the passing away of his father. Now if his opponent is the President Panathinaikou He's been attacking me in every way for months, it's not my job to deal with it, I don't have social media, I don't have the media like him, I can go out for an interview, I don't want to do it, I want to do it for the team, to focus completely on our goal. The announcement of the team completely covered me. I also remember in the past, oh Panagiotis Giannakis Finding itself in this position, this toxic game is played when two teams are too strong in Greek basketball. Now if they are personalized for me, it might as well be to honor me, because they want me to leave Olympiakos! They think I'm doing something right!

Regarding competition with Prometheus, said: “We need to improve our team in areas of the game that are not related to today's competition. Our approach in the last few games has been different to the ones we had to take in the Euroleague, and it shows that we applied the pressure by playing better than any other team in the second round. I think there will be 1-2 more teams. At the moment, the team in the Greek league is trying to reduce the level of intensity in these matches so that we are ready for the important matches next Wednesday.

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