Olympiakos 2-3 on penalties: In the 4th conference, the OPAP Arena sees the final against Hero Solakis on the biggest night in its history.

Olympiakos made history, the red and white team won 3-2 on penalties against Fenerbahce (1-0 loss on penalties and extra time) and moved to “4th” of the conference league. Tzolakis was a hero saving three penalties. Aston Villa in the semi-finals.

A historic night for Olympiakos. The red and whites are in the semi-finals of a European competition for the first time, with Jolakis the hero of a 3-2 penalty shootout win over Fenerbah├že, with three saves and a ticket to the semi-finals. Conference League.

Turkey team won 1-0 in normal time (11' / 3-3 aggregate score) thanks to Kahvetsi's goal, the score did not change in extra time, Olympiakos advanced to penalties, mainly thanks to excellent saves by Haniotis goalkeeper. .

  • 0-1: El Gabi
  • 0-1: Tsholakis saves Tadic's penalty
  • 0-1: El Arabi's penalty is saved by Livakovic
  • 1-1: Batshuayi
  • 1-2: Horda
  • 1-2: Solakis saves Uder's penalty.
  • 1-3: Masoras
  • 2-3: Digigo
  • 2-3: Rodney's penalty is saved by Livakovic
  • 2-3: Bonucci's penalty is saved by Tsolakis

Olympiakos has set its sights on the OPAP Arena final, however, first it must overcome the hurdle of Aston Villa. The first match between the two teams will be played on Maundy Thursday, May 2nd, and the second match will be played a week later, on the 9th, at the “Georgios Karaiskakis” stadium.


The first final of the tournament belonged to Olympiakos. Siginio defeated Kahvetsi of extraordinary strength – Tsigu, He took a shot from outside the area but it went wide of the target. The team quickly took the lead and took the lead in the 11th minute of the game, tying the score at 3-3.

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Tadic brought the ball onto the post from the left, and Szymanski was not fed in the area to the right and the ball was worked into the net by Kahvesi. Fenerbah├že threatened again two minutes later when Fred fired a shot off target.

Fenerbahce continued to possess the ball and tried to find a breach in Olympiakos' defence. The red and whites tried to find some “answer” to the counterattack, but without success. The Turks had a good moment in the 34th minute when Kahvetsi broke into the area, shot, but Solakis screamed in front. The first half ended 1-0 in favor of Turkey.

The second half started with a double effort from Contioculo and Dzeko in the area, with the ball stopped in the body. Olympiakos then kept the ball for a long time, replacing Medibar Jovetic with Ibora and the red and whites played with a 4-3-3. Possession brought two finals with Carmo (56') and Rodini (58'), though it was difficult for Livakovic.

Fenerbahce regained possession, brought the ball into the area, and Olympiakos closed all the spaces. In the 70th minute, Chikov shot just outside the area without finding the target. Olympiakos scored in the 80th minute. An inaction and misjudgment from Contioglou brought Mazoura to four-for-four with Livakovic.

In the 82nd minute, Batshuayi scored. Four minutes later, Fanner threatened Szymanski's mistake at the far post. The game went into overtime with no change in the score until the end.

Olympiakos had the biggest chance in extra time. At 103 Fortounis was fouled, filled the area and Ibora got a header, Livakovic saved with his foot and hit the ball against the post. Carmo then picked up the rebound, clearing the Portuguese defender's effort on the line with Dzigo. Doi was sent off in the 120th minute with a second yellow card. As a result, the match went to penalties.

  • Fenerbahce: Livakovic, Osaki-Samuel, Djikov, Bekau (100' Soyuncu), Kantioglu, S. Szymanski, Yukcek, Fred (86' Zides), Kahvetsi (under 86'), Tadic, Dzeko (74' Batshuayi)
  • Olympics: Tzolakis, Rodinei, Doi, Carmo, Ortega (89' Richards), Ciquinho (109' Horta), Ese, Fortunis (109' El Arabi), Podense (84' Masouras), Jovetic (46' Ibora), El Kaabi
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