BIDEN: He wants to leave Hamas in Gaza and Israel’s security in… Qatar

No one would want to be in his position at this time Joe Biden. The pressure on him from the Democratic left to distance himself from Israel is unbearable. The Left is a combination of Marxists, Rightists and representatives of the Americans Muslims, In some states whose votes may be decisive in the outcome of the presidential election. So, Joe Biden wants to find a balance because for the US deep state, Israel is a strategic ally in the Middle East.

Thus, on the afternoon of May 31, word leaked from L. Oikos that the Israeli government had submitted a cease-fire proposal, which also had to be accepted. Hamas. Anyone who read the outline of the plan in question immediately realized that it was unlikely to be an Israeli government proposal. Amazingly, hours later, Barack Obama came out and welcomed Joe Biden’s plan, while Benjamin Netanyahu rejected it outright, reiterating that the strategic goal was to destroy the terrorist organization.

Biden’s plan calls for the gradual release of the remaining hostages in three phases, the second phase involving a permanent ceasefire and the third phase. Reconstruction of Gaza. No mention of the fate of Hamas, which will obviously continue. In fact, the plan initially predicted Qatar Guarantees that Hamas will not carry out terrorist attacks on Israeli territories again. It is not known if this paragraph of the plan still exists or if it has been withdrawn because it exposes the plan.

It is self-evident that Israel will be the first to say so in Gaza tomorrow. Because since the 2005 withdrawal from Gaza, millions of dollars could have been a mini-Dubai, but instead of improving the lives of its residents, these funds have gone into tunnels, modern weapons systems and the maintenance of the military. About 35,000 terrorists, its leaders Hamas They lived in luxury abroad. Therefore, an important question is who will manage the funding for Gaza reconstruction.

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on her forehead Rafa Israel’s armed forces now control all crossings without a major invasion, and every day they find and destroy tunnels through which terrorists, weapons and contraband are smuggled. Every day, the severed commanders of the remaining battalions are destroyed, as evidenced by videos posted on the Internet by the Israeli army. What’s revealing is that few arcades ended up in its facilities UNRWA, Confirming the role played by its members on October 7.

In the end, Joe Biden’s impasse is clear, Netanyahu has no reason to ease him by sticking to his original strategy, and the time for the presidential election is fast approaching.

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