Hellenic Rail acknowledges problem with suburban train that spewed smoke

Notice of its immobility A passenger train traveling from Thessaloniki to Larissa at noon on FridayDelivered by Hellenic Rail.

The company has admitted that the suburban train stopped at Rabsani in Tembon due to brake jamming and smoke billowing.

However, he mentioned this “There is no security issue For passengers or employees” And He took all necessary steps to ensure passenger service”.

Detailed Notification of Hellenic Train:

Regarding the Thessaloniki – Larissa suburban incident that occurred this afternoon, Hellenic Rail reports the following:

Due to a technical brake fault, there was an appearance A small amount of smoke in the train It ran on the Thessaloniki – Larissa route (1597). Following the safety protocol, train It was motionlessPassengers were dropped off and then sent to their destinations by buses.

Thereafter, the train was moved using a backup train.

For reasons of normalization of traffic, train 1598 bus has also been diverted.

Within two hours, the traffic on the route was completely smooth.

That's what Hellenic Rail says categorically There is no safety issue for passengers or staff And he took all necessary steps to ensure passenger service.

Why are there no safe trains in Greece?

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