Cannes, a simmering mega-scandal and the amazing Meryl Streep

There is no medium in France that does not mention how the episodic is predicted, and it is already in the first phase. 77th Cannes Film Festival, before raising the curtain and welcoming 35 thousand guests from all over. The strike was initiated by 200 workers, staff and freelancers working at various festivals across the country, protesting the instability in the labor and insurance sectors and vehemently contesting benefits. And practically, since this is the first time such a thing has happened from him May 68The festival was completely disrupted by mass protests and almost never took place.

In the coming year Olympic Games A quasi-military warm-up for Paris and additional security measures, and wanting to maintain a neutral stance, the festival banned demonstrations during the ten days of events and did not allow the wearing of pins in support. Palestine Or his Israel (saying nothing more than an apparent veiled reference to the Gaza ceasefire), following a new dilemma of peace. Eurovision – who would have thought it from a highly politicized festival. On the contrary, one of the most important awards, his favorite new movie, will be welcomed with great joy, the anticipated Why Not. Muhammed Rasulov, who had recently fled Iran, thereby avoiding the harsh prison and flogging sentences he was facing. It has not yet been announced whether the director will be at Cannes.

Juliet Binoche, respectfully, as usual, with little more than tears, gave him the honorary Palme d’Or and admitted that women began to see themselves differently after Meryl, and despite the exaggeration of the alleged statement, it was absolutely right. .

The major scandal that threatens to explode like a bomb comes from the actress and director Gtid Godreswaged a crusade against its manager French Film Center, Dominic Butona. His godfather’s sexual assault charges are pending against him, and despite the presumption of innocence, many wonder how he is in his position, certainly those who believe he was sidelined or lacked sufficient documentation. Early retirement. Godrez has already denounced his more famous former partners Benoit Jacko And Jack DuillonIn the ’80s, she was sexually assaulted as a minor, and her short film, “Known,” will be featured at this year’s festival. “me too”It is correctly translated “me too”Added to the schedule at the last minute and will be played on the sidelines at the start of the division “see some”, and sent out a press release like a manual on proper behavior during the events to avoid unnecessary moves that might offend the dignity of the participants. However, the hot secret he has on his hands is McCarthy’s 10 French industrial men and celebrities, including an Oscar winner, who will be reported as pioneers for harassment or rape. Among the leaked names are those of Pierre Ninet, Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lelouch and Guillaume Canet. In the wake of another complaint against Gerard Depardieu, there was no reaction to the unofficial rumors and many expected boos or protests at the opening ceremony. The day before the opening, Godrez staged a protest in Paris, but someone else might have thrown the first stone of protest.

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GT Godrez’s short film ‘Moi Ausi’, which translates to ‘Me Too’, was added to the show at the last minute.

General Director of the Festival, Iris Knoblockand voter Theory Fremaux (He remembers avoiding the screenings of Polanski and Woody Allen’s films last year. The character exclusively on the screen, for better or for worse, they hired a crisis management company, and the opening ceremony was finally “bloodless” and very festive.

In his footsteps Festival Palace Both hosts welcomed the evening honoree, the Invincible Meryl StreepAnd Evening Dedicated to his long life and his unique ability to move together. In a five-minute encapsulation of her accomplishments, she characterized her youthful middle-aged Meryl as looking through the window of a speedster, and from there to see where she is now (“Meryl, my love,” her mother had warned, “Life’s running like a fireball!”). We rewatched thrilling passages of her mind-blowing performances that surprised at least a few of us, and at one point we dared to question her, spoiled by its perfection. Two Oscars and 10 years later, she herself was at a crossroads in her filmography. “The Deer Hunter”: When he came for the first and last time Cannes35 years ago “Shout in the Dark”, just before turning 40, thought his career was on the brink of a glorious end — “That thought was there in those years,” he points out wryly. The Juliet PinosRespectfully, as usual, with a few more tears, he presented her with the honorary award Golden Palm And admitting that women began to see themselves differently after Meryl, despite the alleged exaggeration of the statement, she was absolutely right.

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Juliet Binoche. Photo: Lionel Hahn/Getty Images

Viewers didn’t miss a word of Meryl’s emotion, and the cameras showed her looking bored Lewis CarrelOne of the protagonists of the film “The Second Act”of Kendall Dubier, which had its world premiere after the celebration. A classy presentation from the actress we met earlier on TV “ten percent”, Camille Cotton, which not only mentions the parallel, crazy world of Cannes, but also professional meetings with actors in the evenings and which we will not see this year (obviously appreciated), a presentation with a special tribute to the members of the jury, the president, Greta Gerwig, with a divine video of her work, and the ten best of the Oscars. He gave importance to his three directors who appeared in the films. To an extent, especially in tone, the run was reminiscent of a Hollywood party, where morale was high and those present perhaps relieved that protocol had been followed, especially its protagonist. “The Second Act”The 33-year-old is a César Award winner Raphael KenardTheoretically, the person on the explosive list of 10 was also in the room.

This film, which has never been distributed in Greece, has not been screened in our country since last year “cut” of Michael HassanaviciusPushing the wall that separates meta and fiction from its audience with vigor and determination, it follows Carell, Kennard, Léa Seydoux and Wenzel Landon as “performance” constantly interrupts their meeting at the titular restaurant. Their stories range from their fear of being misunderstood and invalidated to their excitement Paul Thomas Anderson He is seriously considering one of them for his new film! Another toy from the French surrealist is an original that brings together fun inspirations, flat execution, and different production companies Canal PlusThe up to And the festival has not been seen for a few years NetflixAdded to his hypertrophied filmography, as a gesture of sorts before the heavy artillery. Canneswith “Megalopolis” Coppola will make his first public bow on Thursday, hoping to avoid further drama after being accused of trying to kiss his female costars while filming the blockbuster. project His producer, Darren Dimitrey, flatly denies it.

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