Couple with famous actor Eugenia Samara (photo)

The two have been together for seven months and are so in love that they recently spent two days in Spetses!

A few days ago, Odysseus Papaspiliopoulos and Eugenia Samara had a romantic couple of days in Spetses.

The two have been dating for the past seven months. In fact, they do not hide it, they try to be discreet, which is why their relationship has not been written about yet.

Their romance began last year when they starred together in Moliere's “Misanthropos,” and as those in the know say, “It was love at first sight, love at first sight.”

Source: Downtown Magazine

Konstantinos Vassalos is a big eagle – Eugenia Samaras in her show “Falling”! (video)

Konstantinos Vassalos on the ERT game show “Switch” hosted by Eugenia Samaras, who tried in every possible way, but without success.

Although luck was in his favor to a point, Eugenia Samara bid him farewell and didn't quite answer his last question.

However, they had a short argument with Konstantinos Vassalos, who insisted that he could lose the game but win elsewhere.

Eugenia Samaras: “You're tall too, I won't be seen.”

Konstantinos Vassalos: “Shut up, I'm 1.82 tall” Eugenia Samaras: “It shows high! We don't understand each other. Don't leave, someone will go to the final, we'll support them. Konstantinos Vassalos: “It doesn't matter, I'll win somewhere else! “.

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