Earthquake in New York – residents panic

Earthquake 4.8 points Recorded on the Richter scale New York Friday (05/04) at 10:23 (local time), United States Geological Survey.

The United States Geological Survey The quake was reported to have centered in New Jersey, about 50 miles west of Manhattan.

Earlier, some readings were given as 5.5 Richter.

Earthquake in New York

US Geological Survey/AP

Notably, New York is one Low risk area for earthquake.

On September 5, 1944, a major earthquake centered in New York occurred and measured 5.9 on the Richter scale.

The August 23, 2011 earthquake that shook millions of people from Georgia to Canada left behind terrible memories. At 5.8 on the Richter scale, it was the most powerful earthquake to hit the East Coast since World War II. The focus was on Virginia.

However, in New York, A few earthquakes have occurred in the last 20 yearsIt was very low intensity.

Being an earthquake free region, People were shocked and stunned by the earthquakeSeen in reactions on Twitter/X.

Social media users shared posts citing various cities where the quake was felt New Jersey, Virginia and Philadelphia, Boston.

Accordingly Associated PressResidents reported that the ground and buildings they were standing on shook when they heard the rumbling sound.

The New York Fire Department said there were no reports of damage. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been notified of the earthquake, said his spokesman, Fabian Levy. “While we have no reports of major damage at this time, we are still assessing the circumstances.”

In midtown Manhattan, the usual traffic noise grew louder Motorists honked their horns in the streets during the quake.

Baltimore, Philadelphia, Connecticut and other parts of the East Coast that are not used to earthquakes are also feeling the tremors.

Governor of New York Kathy Hochul The earthquake was felt across the state, X reported. “My team is assessing the impact and any damage that has been done and we will be updating the public throughout the day.”

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