ELAS: 60-year-old man arrested for hacking subscription channels

A 60-year-old man was arrested by the Electronic Crime Directorate for hacking subscription channels.

As mentioned in the notification of the Greek police, the complaint arose that an unidentified person was illegally broadcasting live football matches and cinemas while advertising his services for a fee on the Internet without a proper license. A subscription.

ELAS Notice:

On Thursday, March 7, 2024, the Electronic Crime Prosecution Directorate arrested a 60-year-old citizen, who was booked for violating the Protection of Intellectual Property and Subscription Services Act respectively.

A complaint was raised that an unknown person was advertising his services on the Internet, illegally broadcasting live football matches and theaters without a proper license and for payment in the form of subscription.

The above was brought to the attention of the Athens District Attorney's Office and a preliminary investigation was ordered.

Following a systematic and thorough investigation and analysis of the resulting digital data, the involvement of the 60-year-old in the case was determined. An investigation at his home in Attica, before a judicial officer, revealed that he had used unauthorized equipment and rebroadcasted content from two subscription companies without a legal subscription and permission.

In particular, the following were found and seized:

-10 IPTV Android boxes, of which -2- have been modified to communicate with illegal platforms – TV channel relay servers,

-8 USBs, in which software for illegal configuration of IPTV boxes is installed,

Mobile phone, laptop and -3- hard drives.

The arrested person is taken to the competent prosecuting officer and sent to the investigating officer, while the seized digital evidence is sent to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation for laboratory testing.

A reminder that citizens can contact the Directorate of Electronic Crime Prosecution anonymously or by name to provide information or report illegal or fraudulent acts or activities carried out on the Internet at the following contact details:

– Phone: 11188

– by sending an email to [email protected]

– via Twitter: @CyberAlertGR

– Citizens and daily life/complaints/complaints about cybercrime via gov.gr

– Application (Application) for Smart Phones (Smart Phones) by: CYBERKID

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