European elections 2024: Polling stations announced – see where you’re voting

Digital platform components updated

European elections 2024: Polling stations announced – see where you’re voting

Citizens can see where they are voting in the 2024 European elections from today, as updated data from the Home Office’s digital platform has been announced.

According to the latest update from today, Friday (24/05), voters will be able to see the polling station where they will vote based on their residential address. The digital platform contains changes to the basic lists and lists of European citizens until 29/02/2024 and the lists of non-residents until 30/4/2024.

You can find out where you are voting by searching the digital platform Here

Who is voting in the 2024 European elections on June 9, 2024

Voting will begin on June 9 at 07:00 AM and close at 19:00 PM. Those who have reached the age of 17 in an election year have the right to vote.

Specifically, those born before 12/31/2007, Greek citizens or citizens of EU member states with permanent residence in Greece. We note that those who have already observed, there is also an opportunity to participate in the election by postal vote using the recently institutionalized opportunity.

To exercise the right to vote, citizens must bring their identity card or passport or driver’s license for the necessary verification. In addition, the digital identity can be used from

A total of 21 MEPs will be elected from our country (total 720). Political parties must gather at least 3% to elect an MEP.

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