Gallianos for “Bad Weather Express”: Rain in most parts of the country – when it will “hit” Attica

Meteorologist, Yiannis Kallianos, spoke of bad weather, with rain expected in most parts of the country.

G. Kallianos spoke to MEGA's Central News Bulletin about the express bad weather that is going to hit the country from the evening, explaining that despite the short spell of bad weather, it will rain in most parts of the country.

Gallianos: “Reveal the bad weather that will hit almost the whole country”

Specifically, the meteorologist said, “This is a bad weather, which will last for a maximum of 24 hours. In other words, don't expect a special period in this wave of bad weather.

Ostsos noted, “It will be a bad weather that will rain in most parts of the country from Corfu to Kastelorizo ​​and from Gavdos to Evros.

G. Kallianos said that bad weather has already started in the west of the country, and by tomorrow morning a wave of rain will spread to all parts of the country, and at the same time will affect most of the “Ionian and continental. Aegean »

As for Attica, he noted that “heavy rains and storms are expected in most parts of Attica province at midnight”, which will be common occurrences. “There is a need for a certain vigilance in case of strong events, we will limit our movements a bit. Nothing serious will happen. It will be a general weather change for our time.

Temporary improvement on Monday, new storms from Thursday

“We expect a temporary improvement from Monday afternoon, but we expect a fresh deterioration from Thursday again with two days of rain and storms Thursday-Friday”.

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G. Kallianos explained, “Now we have a line of storms, that is, a line of storms in a straight line from Crete to the west, from Zakynthos to the west, which will move further east and affect Attica”. Strong storms will occur in areas including the Ionian Islands, Peloponnese, Eastern Mainland, Attica, Evia and the Cyclades, Crete and the Dodecanese until tomorrow morning.

Update on EMY emergency report

According to EMY's updated weather forecast, most parts of the country are expected to experience heavy rainfall from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning (27/2).

Extreme events start from the west and quickly spread to the central and eastern mainland, the Cyclades and Crete, and gradually to the eastern Aegean and Dodecanese islands. These events will be intensity 7 and locally Ionian 8 Beaufort and possibly hail accompanied by strong southeasterly winds.

EMY: Which areas will the worst weather hit?

More details:

A. Heavy Rain and Storms Forecast:

Sunday (25-02-24)

A. From evening to the Ionian Islands, western and southern Peloponnese and western Crete.

Monday (26-02-24)

A. From early morning gradually weakening over central Macedonia, Thessaly (mainly east), eastern Styria (temporarily including Attica), Cyclades, Crete (mainly south), Peloponnese and temporarily Evia and Sporades. Events from the afternoon.

B. From midday, the eastern Aegean islands (from Chios and further south) and the Dodecanese will be affected.

Tuesday (27-02-24)

A. Intense effects will be maintained in the southern parts of the Dodecanese and gradually weaken by midday.

More details on the development of the weather in regular and unusual weather announcements on the EMY website (

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