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“I can't believe what's happening to me,” says the mother and wife

A woman from Dolomida experiences sad moments after her husband and their child died on the same day while in Thessaloniki.

Dimitris Saligakis, 4th Health Region of Macedonia – Thrace, told MEGA, “A 7.5-month-old baby was lost in AHEPA. The baby was brought by relatives on Friday evening around 00:00, who was said to be having difficulty breathing. All the doctors examined the baby, and all our doctors could do humanly. , but unfortunately the baby passed away at 03:00 on Saturday morning. The saddest part of the whole story is that after a few minutes the baby's father who was being treated at the Thiganeio Hospital in Thessaloniki arrived. It's tragic any way you look at it. It's a sad situation for the family.”

The mother After two losses he receives psychological support. She herself, speaking to Mega, is shocked and says, “I can't stand it.” Of her child's death and if she had any symptoms, she replied: “He was having trouble breathing and that worried me and I took him to AHEPA.” As she narrates, the doctors told her she needed an injection.

“I'm taking it to Hippocrates, where we kept it as a life bridge for my baby. What do you say…and my husband is gone too. He was diagnosed with cancer the day before yesterday. At the same time the doctor came out and said my baby was dead, my phone rang that my husband was dead. .This is what I live for,” said the wife and mother.

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