Georgiadis: Restriction on generics signed

The Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiadis, today signed a ministerial resolution on “regulating drug price issues”, according to which the additional burden of generic drugs should not exceed three euros for each formulation.

Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis said: “Each policy implementation must serve different goals. On the one hand, in this case we are obliged to control drug costs, to facilitate the entry of new innovative drugs into the final list, and to save human lives. On the other hand, for their own reasons, they use In order to avoid overburdening patients in case of unwillingness to switch the product.

What does EOPYY's latest result say? It says that EOPYY reimburses cheaper generics. This creates the risk that the difference will be passed on to the patient if a patient or their doctor chooses a more expensive generic.

In most cases this basis is very small because common prices are low and close to each other. But in some small cases it can be too burdensome.

Therefore, in order to avoid this distortion of our political will, I have included in a new ministerial resolution of 3 euros.

This means that the additional burden per patient for generic drugs should not exceed 3 euros per product. Our goal is with the political penetration of generic medicines to save space from the cost of introducing innovative treatments that the world absolutely needs. When a patient needs an innovative drug, we must be ready to give it to them.

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