The 'tick' he put in the name of Paschalakis and the following one

Olympiakos closed the pending matter with Alexandros Passalakis, which had already taken its course long ago. A two-month delay due to other developments and who takes the turn.

It's no surprise that Alexandros Passalakis is staying at Olympiakos for another two years. Everything else. The 34-year-old goalkeeper's case has taken its course for a long time, with both sides willing to renew their cooperation. There is no reason for both one and the other to look in other directions.

Olympiacos, another important pending for next season, was completed in the last few days, which has been pending for a few months (more for legal reasons).

Initially, water entered the ditch

Olympiakos and Passalakis were eyeing a seat at the negotiating table early on, as the existing contract between the two sides expires on June 30, 2024. Since October, the international goalkeeper's side have been in contact with the management of the red and whites, with a clear aim to expand the two's current cooperation.

The pending issue regarding the deadline and certain individual conditions – since then – does not seem capable of vitiating the deal, which has delayed its finalisation.

Several changes at all levels (coach, personnel, players) in December and January essentially set Alexandros Paschalakis's case back, but that doesn't mean something has started to go wrong. Everything else. It's all a matter of time.

One who alternates

The resolution of Alexandros Paschalakis' pending matter now allows the people of Olympiakos to explore the next. Giorgos Masouras is the reason both sides are on a good path for signings to fall on a free summer.

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Here too the intent is clear for the Reds and Whites, who are desperate to “tie” him to port for many more years.

The 30-year-old winger has developed into a vital part of Olympiakos' operation, so the club's managers are aiming for another contract renewal.

At the same time, three cases are still pending: Kostas Fortonis, Konstantinos Solakis and Mandi Kamaras (P.S.: his case is strange because of recent events, but the desire to continue abroad).

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