“Green light” from chrysocoides for “descent” in the constitution.

For the Pedigree of the Peasants in Athens EL.AS thinks feverishly. In order to clarify the framework through which the tractors enter the capital and reach the constitution.

The conditions under which the village rally will be held on Monday (19/02) which will be fully clarified was discussed during a meeting held today at the Ministry of Civil Defense.

In particular, a police presence is expected Clear information From farmers their participant and vehicle numbers. In each case Farmers from Thessaly, North and Central Greece are expected.

Tractors cannot be prevented from entering the capital. But police will decide tomorrow how many tractors the center of Athens can handle, The route will be maintained by police only And The parade will be accompanied by police force throughout its duration.

It is recalled that the “module” of Michalis Chrysochoidis arrived after a meeting with farmers in Thrace – at noon on Friday (16/02) at the Ministry of Macedonia – to discuss the “great descent” of farmers in Athens.

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The minister replied “no” to farmers getting off in tractors, while he agreed to get off in cars and buses. The peasants, for their part, appeared diligent in their descent.

The meeting is expected to last for 24 hours Motorists are expected to experience difficulties from Monday night into Wednesday morning. Authorities are also calling on citizens to avoid traveling by car and into the center of Athens as much as possible.

Farmers blocked the national road at Pralos-kilometer line

Farmers from one o'clock on Sunday afternoon They closed the national highway In the Pralos area. According to Lamiano, traffic is now at a standstill and kilometers of queues have formed, at least 7 kilometers long.

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Hundreds of cars were parked Farmers on the side of the National Highway were waiting for the withdrawal of their strike.

They themselves declare that they will not back down on their demands and intensify their struggle, preparing for a mass descent into Athens in the coming days. It is noteworthy that these were farmers gathered from all over central Greece.

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