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Vassilis Sambrakos writes about Yiannis Constantelias' appearance against AEK.

Until last Sunday, Yiannis Constantelias left, leaving only one question unanswered in the debate regarding whether, if he had left, he had completed the “package” to make a change at the top level. The unanswered question is whether the 21-year-old international midfielder has made a difference. It is not obvious that he is associated with responsibility, metal, “courage”. Appearances are placed at key moments. The Greek footballer is now “ready”.

In last year's play-offs, Constantias couldn't be decisive for PAOK. However, in the current season, he has shown that he is “growing” from the start and taking more responsibilities in the game at important moments, “forcing” Razvan Lucescu to address this publicly at the start of the season. At the same time, he noted the need for Constantelias' management to protect him and to mature him without the irritation and stress caused by the pressure of increased expectations. This may be part of the explanation for leaving the Romanian coach on the bench several times in recent weeks, even when he was not affected by injuries and viruses.

And we reached a match that was absolutely decisive for PAOK's title chances. There, in an important and difficult moment for PAOK, a “hospital” appeared in Constantia's executions (3 executions, all at home), he had the substance in most of his actions. Not only that. During the goal celebrations, this time Constantelias wasn't the only child enjoying the game, namely the smiling child we saw after the finish. He was “screaming” at the stands and teammates that he wanted to win the match. “Finally” someone who expressed interest and determination. This explains why he was the MVP of the tournament in the minds of his teammates. This explains why Lucescu described it as Constantia's best game.

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Until now, Constantias has not been a leader in PAOK's game. He was not one to lead others astray. This is the first time the 21-year-old midfielder has shown such character, at least in a big game. And this is a clear sign that he is “growing up”.

It's too early to know what PAOK and Constantelias want to do next summer – whether they'll continue together or whether they'll decide it's time for him to settle down, once everyone is presented with an enticing offer. . So this aspect of the case aside, Constantelias seems more ready than ever to be a leader in PAOK's game at any given moment. At the same time more ready than ever to play at the top level in Europe.

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