Shocking video: Moment 23-year-old model murdered in restaurant in Ecuador

The terrifying moment a former Miss Ecuador contestant was killed by two gunmen in a restaurant was caught on security camera months after her name was mentioned in a conversation between drug traffickers.

In shocking footage, 23-year-old Ladi Paraga Goiburo can be seen chatting with a man inside a restaurant in Kewendo town last Sunday. Suddenly two armed men entered. Then a former Miss Ecuador contestant was shot by a masked gunman. He also shot Barga's companion, and completed the crime spree by shooting the 23-year-old girl again as she lay on the ground.

The second gunman had chili peppers at the door of the restaurant. While both the accused are absconding, the police are investigating the motive behind the murder. p

Ecuador: Shocking video of 23-year-old model murdered

The young model who represented the province of Los Rios in the Miss Ecuador 2022 beauty pageant has more than a million followers on her social media accounts and, according to El Comercio, at the age of 23, she owns an import company. Also maintained his own sportswear. On her social networks, she shared snapshots of the lavish life she lived, her travels around the world and the meals she enjoyed at lavish places. However, behind the glamorous lifestyle she presented on social media, there was a dark truth.

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Ecuador: Where is the name of the 23-year-old involved?

In December 2023, the model was named in a conversation released as part of a major organized crime case being investigated by the Attorney General's Office. One of the 52 people on trial in the case was Celiv Angulo, nicknamed “Estimado”. In the conversation, Angulo told drug trafficker Leandro Noreiro, the man whose property he manages, that the police had asked him about Baraka. “If my wife knew about her, I would draw her. My friend, her name is nowhere to be found. Otherwise, my world will fall apart,” wrote the convict, who was killed in prison six months after being jailed.

Photo: Instagram

Transfers made to Baraka's bank account are under investigation by the Attorney General's Office. The company never pursued the model and has not publicly commented on the lawsuit.

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