Lasopoulos for Kynorgio: Socridis is the estate of his imagination

oh Lakis Lasopoulos He commented on her kisses Danae's Barga With his ex-partner Katerina Kainourgiou, Filippo Tsagridis. In fact, the actor said, Alpha's host has to leave the set of the show today.

On his established podcast, he mentioned the breakup of Alba's host with the businessman: “Do you remember that one year ago, Cainorgio had a Philip? They broke up a year ago, but he… how do I say it? Property is part of Kainurgeo's imagination As she meets him in Danae Barca, he takes the initiative and transfers his feelings for Kainorgio to the new Danae.

Later and on the occasion of Alba's host, he mentioned the entertainers: “Now they pluck the wings in the morning. There the chaos, the glitters, the rhinestones are gone, Kynorgio is upset, she can't believe it, she can't digest it, her mind can't bear it.”

In closing, Lakis Lasopoulos said of Katerina Kynorkiou and Danai Burgas: “It's not a sensual thing – it's crazy selfish to say so. They're looking for an excuse to get caught by the hair. So now they don't catch. “I don't want to believe, I'll pull her by the hair!”, you see, But anyway … What's the use of hating and fighting? Look, there's people and dunyas all around. And half a minute, ladies! After all, can't this Philip make his own decision? He's not allowed to like and dislike? What; or you should be the first to say because you're the providers. , should he do what you want? Life is an amusement park.”

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