How Macron suddenly became a “hawk” against Russia

“As a hawk, Macron refuses to back down from his statements about sending Western troops to Ukraine,” writes a recent newspaper report. PoliticsQuoting a televised interview with the French president, “It is aimed at publicity Its strategic ambiguity to the audience”.

In an interview broadcast last Thursday, March 14, Emmanuel Macron did not rule out the possibility of greater involvement of NATO and Europe in the war between Ukraine and Russia, which he himself presented as an “existential threat”. Politics.

«If Russia wins, the lives of French citizens will change. We will no longer be safe in Europe“, said the French President.

Macron's approach is consistent with statements he made last February when, in a question related to French journalists, he refused to rule out the possibility of sending Western troops to reinforce Ukraine.

These comments caused great reactions in France and the international community High NATO officials – including the US, UK and Germany – to hurry up They refuse specific situation.

Macron's “strategic ambiguity”.

For his part, Emmanuel Macron replied “by arrangement”. Limiting how we respond to Moscow's moves is tantamount to admitting defeat».

He spent much of the interview advocating a strategy of “ambiguity,” where all scenarios regarding possible NATO involvement in the Ukraine-Russia war remain open.

According to Macron, France will not lead the attack or make any attempt to join the war, but it is important not to completely rule out such a possibility in the future.

“I shouldn't be more specific,” he said sternly.

Asked about his relationship with Putin, the French president said: They have not been in touch for monthsWhile insisting that war should not be treated as a personal matter.

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“This is not a soap opera. As we speak, men and women are dying in Ukraine under President Putin's watch,” Macron said.

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, French lawmakers voted in favor of a defense pact, which confirmed France's support for Ukraine's candidacy to NATO. Through this agreement, in addition, the French government promised to provide financial and military support to Kiev.

However, according to Politico, French public opinion did not identify with Macron's statements. 68% of French citizens who took part in a related poll said Macron's comments about sending Western troops to Ukraine were “wrong”.

“Most citizens worry that such comments could turn a powerful country like Russia into an enemy,” pollster Ervan Lestrohan told Politico.

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