PS5 Pro Reveals: PSSR, 67 TFLOPs, 45% Faster Rendering and All Ultimate Specs

A lot of information about this is coming out day by day PS5 Pro This time there seems to be a leak about its final specifications! Well-known YouTuber Moore's Law is Dead has cited his sources in his latest video information and documents, which he defends by deleting various points from the slides sent to him.

As it can be seen, the PC is codenamed Trinity (something known for a long time), while its raw rendering performance is also mentioned, which is 45% faster than the PS5!

The first slide mentions a custom framework for machine learning that supports PS5 Pro's ray tracing 2 to 4 times faster than PS5, while supporting 300TOPS 8-bit calculations and offering PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution. .

On the GPU we have 67 TFLOPS 16-bit FP (33.5 TFLOPS FP32 – note that the Xbox Series X reaches 12TFLOPS FP32), while analysis is performed on slides and in analysis called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). This machine learning mechanism will support resolutions up to 8K planned for future PlayStation systems, HDR content, and will require only 250MB of memory, while not needing to work on each game individually.

In the next slide of the leaked presentation today, it is mentioned that PSSR will be better than FSR2.

In its entirety, the Moore's Law is Dead video says the following about the PS5 Pro.
> It's 45% faster in Raw (Unoptimized) rendering performance than PS5
> It's 2-4 times faster than PS5 in ray tracing
> 67TFLOPs FP16
> 300 TOPs 8-bit calculation
> Supports PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution), an AI-enhanced competitor to DLSS.

Check out the full video below!

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