“If they say your child's mother is unpleasant, you have to participate”

What was discussed in between Ilias Bissinakis And Penelope Anastasopoulou Commented Costas Dzoros with their partners in the program”You haven't seen anything yet».

“If the mother of your child says she doesn't want to, you have to step in and say something. I was waiting for Ian to speak because he had an opinion,” said Eurytiki Valavani at the start.

“This issue is multi-faceted. As for Ian, I also think his non-talk is a matter of choice. He showed by his attitude that he did not want to enter into this discussion at this particular moment.

Beyond that, however, Ilias Bissinakis referred to a specific and isolated incident, not condemning #metoo in general. What Elias Pissinakis did then was very rude, wrong and rude. But in my opinion it has nothing to do with sexual harassment. “When they started saying he was a rapist and Caterina Leolio didn't confront her rapist, that was the time when #metoo was so strong that she got this attack,” Costas Tsoros added.

“Penelope is particularly sensitive to things like this and has proven it. Yesterday there was obviously a misunderstanding, because it does not affect the metoo movement, because every case is different, everything cannot be put in the same bag,” the presenter concluded.

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