Ilias Alexiou: “I didn't marry the most beautiful woman who passed through my life. I married the woman who could…”

The Chase's “Irrelevant Inspector”, aka Ilias Alexio, was welcomed to the set of The 2Night Show.

Ilias Alexiou, who has an IQ of 164, talked about his student years, his wife and his intelligence, through which he won almost 100,000 euros by participating in video games.

“I'm a classic Greek bastard. My family is from Microasia, their origin is Aivali, they went to Mytilene, then they came to Athens. My father found my mother from Arcadia and made me. I have another half-sister. And I have two more half-brothers, because My father remarried, he is a sahbini”.

“I grew up in Athens. I started from Nea Ionia, then I go to the melting pot called Gipseli, where I had a good time.”

“My mother asked me to study, but she did not force me to study. I was a good student but did some mischief too,” he admitted to everything.

Especially what he said about his reasons for choosing his wife.

“I didn't marry the most beautiful woman who ever walked through my life. I married the woman who understood me, and we were the best couple. I used to joke that I'd start, “Hey, she understands what I'm going through. Bring her here, for where shall we find her again?''

Today he has turned his hobby into… his job and together with Maria Pecatoro, he passes his knowledge on to the Panhellenic community. What was the first video game you participated in as a player?

“The first game show I went to was Mega Banga and I won a car. I gave it to my wife as a gift. “In the telegames I played, I won between 70,000 and 100,000 euros,” he revealed.

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How did he end up in the chase?

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