OAKA 2025 is looking to enter the squad for the Final Four


Volitakis Stelios / Intime Sports

Panathinaikos AKTOR has initial thoughts about submitting a candidacy to OAKA to organize the final four of the EuroLeague in 2025.

Next season Panathinaikos AKTOR wants to achieve the opportunity to return to the final four after eighteen (18) years for OAKA. As OAKA has gone green for a year (everything related to that is decided by KAE Panathinaikos AKTOR), preliminary thoughts have been made in clover over the last few weeks about the possibility of submitting a file to Euroleague Basketball. The organization’s major nomination was again awarded in OAKA – for the last time – in 2007.

Belgrade (Stark Arena), Barcelona (Palau Sant Jordi) and Dubai are the three possible venues for the 2025 Final Four, reported abroad in recent weeks, with the top two favorites at the moment. However, this does not mean that any discussion or thought about OAKA is forbidden.

At present, of course, this situation is something that needs to be processed by the Panathinaikos AKTOR people.

Paulius Motiegiounas, CEO of EuroLeague Basketball, showed openness during the Final Four (after a related question from SPORT24) to the possibility of a return to OAKA, but we should not overlook/forget that the main thing is (off the court). The approach adopted by the Municipality of Athens. Quite simply he will take on the burden of conducting if teams, fans and officials are anointed (as it naturally happens in all events).

The odds of such an agreement for 2025 are unclear, but all these discussions reveal the huge ambitions of the Panathinaikos AKTOR people to bring the final four back to the Greek capital in the near future. If that doesn’t happen in 2025, why not in 2026?

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