Kinds of Kindness: Teaser for Giorgos Lanthimos' new film

Here's the first teaser for the Greek director's exclusive new film, which will be released in June.

Kinds of Kindness: Giorgos Lanthimos' new film teaser

George Lanthimos returns after his 4 Oscar wins the poorWith his long-awaited eighth film Kinds of Kindness.

Lanthimos reunites with the two-time Oscar winner in the film, which opens June 21. Emma StoneBut even with him Ephtimi PhilippoWith whom they co-wrote the script.

While plot details are unknown, we do know that Kinds of Kindness is a collection of three separate stories. Stone stars alongside her Poor Things co-stars Willem Dafoe and Margaret Quali, as well as Jesse Plemons, Hunter Schafer, Joe Alvin, Hong Chau and Mamoudou Atti.

The first synopsis released by Searchlight Pictures reads:

“Kinds of Kindness” is a tripartite story that follows a man with no willpower, his boss's whistle-blower, trying to regain control of his life, and a policeman worried by the return of his wife who disappeared at sea and it appears to him. Be a completely different person and a woman who is determined to find a certain person with a special ability who is destined to become a spiritual leader.

“It's a pleasure to work with Emma again. It makes it a lot easier to have someone there who believes in you so much and believes in you so much,” Lanthimos told The Guardian of the project, adding that the artistic duo are set to collaborate again on the upcoming show. Save the green planet A remake of the Korean film of the same name, by Lanthimos.

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