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Thousands of stories have been written about Sluka's leadership qualities and “square” mind, about Nan's unparalleled talent, about the highly prized Grand, about the transformed Gringonis or the Pathfinder Lesser. But if this year Panathinayakas He had a face, and this would be his Dino Midoglou. They're smiling again and the sky's the limit as they both come back strong after a few tough years.

He went through fire and anvil, and he did not bend, but steeled himself

Mitoglou paid dearly for trusting the wrong people. He lost two years of his basketball career to a fatal error and found himself among the elite in Tartarus, from which few would stand and emerge. Instead of bending to the hell he was in, He showed me what metal it was made of. He didn't lock himself in a dark room crying about what was wrong, didn't waste endless free time staring at the ceiling, but worked tirelessly and used it. In his body, the basketball part and above all in his character An athlete can fake through the worst situation they can find themselves in: To feel ready and able to fight, but not allowed.

That's why at the end… when he opened the cage, he showed how much he wanted it and broke the bars and looked like a lion in the jungle. And since attitude alone isn't enough, Midoglow has shown from the start that he's ready. He is ready to show that he is not back to his pre-conviction status and is still doing well. The finger injury that ruled him out of the World Cup and the early-season concussion a few weeks later were the last bumps in the road to recovery that could no longer be stopped.

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Parallel launch…

The previous two years had been a corresponding nightmare for Panathinaikos. Losing all domestic titles, with typical ease, to Olympiakos, but suffering humiliation in the EuroLeague, The “greens” tried to come back on their own. And as if caught hand in hand on this trek, Panathinaikos and Mitokoulo have since moved on, writing their own. A parallel story of redemption. Along the way, one helped the other. With international tickets, the “Greens” have a record of 19-9 in the EuroLeague, the first time in the league in two years and are 2-2 against Olympiakos. He didn't The team's best and most consistent player in four derbies so far Played against an eternal rival (averaging 15 points and 10.5 rebounds, please), won like two championships or looked like a Cup Final or Euroleague game in the SEF.

The numbers and the picture tell it

For those who need proof, The numbers testify to Mitoglou's preciousness Three times before the end of the regular season for the second-place team in the Euroleague. He is second in rating (15.5 with Lesser's 19.6), third in scorers (14.8 with Nunn and 13.9 with Tenant's 12.6), first rebounder (6.9) and second in participation time (with 29:19, behind Lesser). 29:29). Not only that… the 27-year-old ace is very frugal, as he only manages 19.7% of the team's possessions when he's on the floor, and his team is +4.4 points per 100 possessions during that time. At the same time, he collects 14.1% of rebounds claimed by Panathinaikos.

But besides the “cold” numbers, anyone with eyes and basic knowledge of the game realizes. How Midokulo loosened Ergin Ataman's hands. That's because he's the player who covers more of what Juanjo Hernangomet doesn't consistently provide in the “4”, but – at least in the big games – the Turkish coach relies heavily on resting Lesser. “5”.

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Leadership Traits and Servant Leadership

Apart from Mitoglou's remarkable personal progress, there was a great stir How many levels he has raised in spirituality also. Before his two-year adventure, he was a low key player even on the pitch, helping the team a lot but rarely coming forward. But now it is A different person and player. The one who doesn't hesitate to take even the most important shot, the one who wildly celebrates a basket or a layup, the one who gives the signal to teammates and positions to follow, is now far from the positions of the good guys. He was a reference point for the role player Another leader on the floor.

What hasn't changed, but how it is From very hard working players. A real… gym rat as Americans call him, he spends more time than he planned to get better. At the same time it remains one A humble and down-to-earth child, who reverently listens to the instructor's instructions or sometimes even “candles” and never begs any sports fan, from… Anna Vissi to small children or adults to shake hands. Always with a smile.

And why doesn't she smile anymore? A past dream is now a bad memory. And while some continued to believe he could be saved, he now feels he owes it to his team as Panathinaikos gave him a lifeline and they continue to climb the ranks. After all, for both of them, Panathinaikos and Mitoglou, we expected them to come back strong this year. However, their film exceeds all expectations.

PS: The title is inspired by a column parallel from 2020.If Panathinaikos had a face, it would be Saint-Rose…», The text said then A roster needs a tough defense then, it needs to be competitive and pick up some scattered wins. Not anymore, though, because the “greens” have made leaps and bounds in the past few months.

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