Korydallos prisons: a handgun was found hidden inside a cell wall – EL.AS announcement

A gun was found hidden inside a cell wall at Koridalos prison.

Jail officials and police officials conducted a search and recovered the weapon.

According to information, jail officials and police officials conducted raids in the common areas of Ward 4 and 113 vacant and under-construction cells.

Handgun, bullets and magazine in Koridalos prisons / Photo by Hellenic Police

During the investigation, they found a pistol and a magazine containing 19 9 mm cartridges carefully hidden in the empty cell, in the built-up wall.


Finding a weapon in a room in the Korytalos Detention Center.

Just after midnight today, Sunday, May 5, 2024, prison officials found the weapon in an empty, under-construction cell at the Koridalos Detention Center.

In particular, after a search of the common areas and the concerned cells, a pistol with -19- bullets and a magazine were found carefully hidden in a built-up wall.

The weapon was found using a metal detector and after drilling into the wall, it was found to be broken into separate parts, which -6- were wrapped in improvised packages.

It is to be noted that the concerned cell is vacant from August 2023 onwards.

A preliminary investigation is being conducted by the Korydallos Security Department of the Piraeus Security Sub-Directorate.

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