Marina Satti: Greece is back

He returned to Greece around 20:00 on Sunday evening (12/05). Marina SattiAfter that is over Eurovision 2024.

In the grand final, where The cup raised Nemo Marina Satti, who represented Switzerland with the song “The Code”, won with a brilliant performance. 11th place.

Watch Marina Sati’s look at the Eurovision 2024 final

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After a week’s stay In Malmö, Sweden, Where the 68th Eurovision contest took place, Marina Satti came to her homeland with a great experience. He accompanied the presenters of Eurovision night on ERT1, at the airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Thanasis Alevras and Jerome Kalauta, But more Focas Evangelinos, as Dancers He accompanied him to the two semi-finals and the final at Sweden’s Malmo Arena.

Dressed in top-to-bottom white, with pigtails from her Eurovision 2024 stage appearance, she happily greeted people and posed for photographers.

As stated ERTrepresentative of Greece, She had a big smile on her face and was obviously in a good mood Commenting on coming to the best singing competition in Europe: “What I’m really happy about is that, especially in the last few days, the workload has almost disappeared and I was worried about whether I could make it through. In the end I was happy that the presentation of the finale was good» .

According to the report, Marina Satti said, among other things, that it will take at least two years to digest all the information and the unique experience of living at Eurovision.

Reported by ERTAs for the result, Greece achieved 11th place. Marina Satti said that it was more or less what the Greek delegation expected. The talented singer wowed with her on-stage performance of “Jari”. she announced happily For his 12 points and huge scores from the public.

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After 15 hours in the arena for the infamous press conference, it was logical that exhaustion would set in, and while there was relaxation at the time, he insisted that she speak when she should. Specifically “yawn” Said: “There was a group of Greeks in front of me, with whom we joked throughout the interview.”

conclusion, She denied her illness, explaining that it was never as heavy as the media made it out to be. In the semi-final he had no fever but a slight chill.

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