Conference League: Meeting on finals security measures

Conference League

Sports Review 2022

Today (13/05) is the first staff meeting on security measures in New Philadelphia on the day of the big final of the Conference League between Olympiakos and Fiorentina.

The first staff meeting for security measures is expected to take place in New Philadelphia later that day (13/05) on the day of the Conference League Grand Final between Olympiakos and Fiorentina.

As mentioned therein, which will be held under the Minister of Civil Defense Michalis Chrysochoidis and will be attended by senior officers of the Hellenic Police. Who will be in charge of the personnel who will implement the decisions taken? UEFA officials will also attend.

According to ERT, citing police sources, the proceedings are almost finalized and, as expected, the New Philadelphia stadium will be transformed into a “fortress”.

EL.AS plans activities with a particular focus on the implementation of the “Information” network. They will mainly target fans who have repeatedly disturbed the authorities and may create a problem again.

Therefore, State Security, Deputy Directorate for Combating Violence in Sports Arenas, MAT teams, OPKE and Anti-Terrorism Police will participate in operational planning, as well as EL.AS.


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